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  1. The only thing I can say about him is that there are some people that just by seeing them you can tell they are genuinely good people and enjoy life. He is one of them.
  2. Well I've done the 10lb braid to mono on my spinning rods and the only shot comings I personally see with it are the below... - I honestly seldom fish. I only enjoy saltwater fishing so my chance for that is roughly one week a year. - Due to that my knot tying skills are pitiful. I honestly have to keep cheat sheets in my bag to help. - Due to that I waste a good bit of line. - Due to that my what was 3 foot leader now is shorter and shorter especially since I do enjoy throwing different lures throughout the trips. With that being said I really have just thought about spooling my 3000 series with straight mono and just enjoy. I fish from the shore so casting distance is a concern. I will be fishing the inlet this summer so 20lb mono would be minimum and honestly I would rather throw 30lb mono. Would I be really shooting myself in the foot?
  3. Well I went and checked out the Premier 7 foot ML today and gave it a good 15 minute try out. I simply couldn't talk myself into it over the M. It was so whippy to the point of I wondered how well it would set the hook with saltwater species.
  4. So I went in the back yard with the Premier Medium power rod and tied on a bare 1/8oz jig head to see how it would be. I had a great opportunity with good wind in my face to replicate the beach. Distance wasn't that great, maybe 40 yards. Felt like nothing on the end of the line and I had a huge arch of line that was blown to the side. I immediately thought this could result in wind knots. Suggestions on how to make this work? Guy above seemed to do alright so it must be possible...
  5. This is exactly what I want to do! What weight white bucktail do you think this is?
  6. It's not that I'm not happy with it. I want to throw some 1/8oz swimbaits and jigs in the Florida surf and I don't know how well the Medium will handle that. Buuuuut, I might also want to tie on a 4" Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow
  7. I don't know if it matters or not but I could have included what the rod was. It's either a St Croix Premier 7ft in Medium or Medium Light. Lure range is ML 1/8-1/2oz and M 1/4-5/8oz with both being Fast action. Right now I have the Medium and I wouldn't say it's overly stiff but it isn't a noodle. The Medium Light is noticeably more "whippy", I don't know the correct term.
  8. Not talking huge range of weight but here are some examples. I'm trying to figure out which power I want but I'm stuck...Also buying both rods isn't an option. Well rather I'm talking taking both rods isn't an option, buying isn't the issue. If I throw 1/8oz jig how would it throw with a Medium that goes down to 1/4oz? OR If I throw 5/8oz jerk bait with a Medium Light that goes up to 1/2oz?
  9. I'm wondering what would be too light for the surf. You guys think 1/4oz would work? I doubt 1/8oz would
  10. Definitely under an ounce. Something that can jig and dance around in the surf.
  11. I just want to have some fun surf fishing for whatever bites and was thinking of throwing some lightweight white bucktail in the Florida East Coast surf during late June. I'd assume the main menu would be some 3-4" minnows. Do you guys have some suggestions?
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