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  1. What is the bottom lure?
  2. Well if you guys can check out this thread I was directed to this section because I will be fishing the ICW, inlet, and beach of NC (mainly southern NC). Do you guys have any success with jigs?
  3. H-o-l-y crap you just cost me some money! Checking out all his threads now
  4. Is his username Tinman? I just found his website, didn't know he was a member.
  5. Which ones do you like in particularly? Colors?
  6. Anything that bites and I will be throwing from shore. I was looking at the Sparkie Bucktails with a trailer probably and the Bluefish Busters Again
  7. What are some of the must have Tinman tackle lures? Fishing surf/inlet/ICW of NC with somewhat stained water. Tons of options, figured I'd ask what are some must have lures and colors.
  8. Does no one like the Owner STX-45?
  9. Lord Almighty at your avatar...
  10. What is the main fish in the NC surf?
  11. Really? No stripers in the NC coast?
  12. Already have several of those
  13. Then I sell them on fleabay
  14. ^ I have one of each of the other ones. Will probably display the 4 together in the shed.