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  1. Thank you !
  2. Hey caught this just outside of little River inlet in SC. Was hoping someone could help id this fish thanks.
  3. Hey been trying to message you but guess it’s still not active. U have Instagram or Facebook?
  4. Hahahaha
  5. I’ve been doing this after reading it here on the forums. Instead of just writing a spot off because low tide take the opportunity to scout it out for next time
  6. Was recently handed down a vsb150. I’m currently using it on a 9ft ande m/h 1-4oz 12-30lb. I’m looking for a new rod that pairs nicely with this reel for fishing from the boat. Not looking to break the bank I’ll keep the 9ft ande for the shore and eventually upgrade to something nicer.
  7. Yea once u make a few posts and a certain amount of time passes you will be able to. Thinking of going out on the island current out of city island tonight
  8. Hey I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. Just getting back into fishing this year. I’m also from the Bronx. Usually fish between the bridges but have been looking to get out on LI. Shoot me a message when your able to.
  9. What’s the group called?
  10. Impale
  11. Wow. Makes me second guess how I have mine leaning against my shed right now
  12. I was at bayside Sunday for the first time. I rented a skiff with my brother. No fluke bunch of Robbins and a few porgy. We were drifting around the mouth of the little neck bay. Saw a bunch of boats anchored up by the buoy and they seemed to be consistently catching. When you launch your kayak there do you park in the lot or walk it across the bridge?
  13. Is there a few to launch at bayside? I went out of fort totten last week the current was strong by the Throgs neck bridge