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  1. So a buddy and I were fishing a beach and using diamond jigs with a white grub attached. Getting hooked up on every cast only to have my buddy drop 12 fish on it and myself a few as well. Do we need to up the size of the hook? I caught one one a needlefish and that was it! Seems like the hook on the diamond was too small
  2. What’s the limit on them?
  3. I pick a lot of old hooks and sinkers left behind by people who come and fish that spot. Common courtesy
  4. Touche. all I’m saying is to clean up after yourselves. Was also a couple sheets to the wind when I wrote that. I stand by what I said though.
  5. So I just watched a video of a guy fishing a spot I fish and happened to look at the comments. Tons of people asking where it is, oh I gotta get there. I mean I’ve scouted out that spot low tides slow days and people just expect to be handed locations? What a load of crap. I know it’s a popular spot but it doesn’t need to be overcrowded by jerks who aren’t going to respect it.
  6. Honestly sounds like a lotta localism surfer bull****. But I agrees. You’re going To get the guy who shows up outside his locale and respect they spot and the guy who doesn’t. If someone is willing to put the work in and or have enthusiasm towards what we do the and be respectful of his surroundings who care? It’s not like all are you are fishing to put food on table. For some of you it’s a sport. And for those who cares? You’re not taking anything home anyways.
  7. Fished the same spot as last, 10 fish, mixed bag of blues and schoolies. No found plugs today but saw two cormorants stuck together with fishing line. I tried multiple times to get close to cut them free but they kept going out into the water. Extremely upsetting.
  8. Haha not a chance, that’s my honey hole
  9. Fresh hooks on both and they’re headed for my surf bag!
  10. Also this is the second time I’ve found plugs at this spot.
  11. Seriously! They totally scared the bite away! F**king c*nts. They didn’t catch anything that I saw. I don’t understand how they could think the run and gun method wouldn’t scare fish. I was using a tsunami talking popper XD 6 or 6 1/2 bunker.
  12. Fished somewhere on an island after work, caught a couple of schoolie bass. Boat guys were working the shore pretty close including a couple of guys on jet skis. They kept zooming up, fishing, zooming out. Repeat. I’m sure they scared the bite away because I was hooking up after the surface action died down. A**holes! Found a couple of lures too though.
  13. Good to know! What kind of lures do they hit?
  14. Spanish Macks are here in the northeast too?
  15. Ouch. Luckily my commute is 15-20 to Newport from Portsmouth. Gotta be awake too I’m a carpenter