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  1. Looking for a few black eye Stubby Needles (1 5/8oz) for fishing.... ideally in good condition in fishy colors. (If there's any green eyed ones out there I'd be interested in those too.)
  2. That works for me. Please PM me.
  3. Not sure I need all 6 but how much are you asking for the lot?
  4. Yes. I'd be interested. @Mark L please post a pic when you can.
  5. Do we have official confirmation that all the VXS2 have this issue? I picked up a 150 on CyberMonday and fished it as soon as I got it. Had a few slot fish on it and didn't notice an issue and no line shredding/snapping at all...
  6. I've been looking at these... any model year owners would recommend staying away from?
  7. I’ll take them
  8. Looking for a few of the largest (6in) SS poppers (2 1/4oz) that are used but aren’t too beat up. Prefer Green eyes (Floaters) but would consider black eyes, as part of a lot. Fishy colors if possible. Feel free to post pictures I’ll check back tomorrow AM. Thanks
  9. That will work.
  10. I'd be interested in other three if you split.
  11. No problem. Thanks for getting back to me.
  12. Will you accept $65 shipped?
  13. I’ll take it.
  14. Just the Stealth for now. I’ll check back with you. Thanks Mike.
  15. Can I purchase a blank at the demo day? Like an 10’6” S-2?
  16. Money makes people do crazy things but chasing notoriety and "fame" can be an addiction just like any other.
  17. Isn't it on the organizers to make sure that doesn't happen? I just assumed every fish was cut open to make sure there was no funny business going on.
  18. I will take this
  19. Two out Vogey Double... McNeil HBP and Naquin Triple to provide a nice cushion late... Eppler's pickup have been getting the job done. Wow. And our best prospects are absolutely mashing at all levels of the minors. Future is Bright.
  20. I’ll take it.
  21. I was post #2 when this thread was started... Wow... where do I begin? This team has been without Jake and Max for much of the season and yet the Mets are in first place. We have an unhittable closer and the new acquisitions have mostly all produced to some extent. Buck has been great and his calm demeanor has this team clicking. We are in position to hold off the Braves IMO and could make a lot of noise in the post-season. Time to add some quality pieces and solidify this team... LFGM...
  22. I've been waiting before I pull the trigger on a VSX 150 to see the new X2. I've heard good things from someone who handled them. I'll probably pull the trigger now but with the price increase it kinds of puts me in ZB territory by default.... and I guess shouldn't that be the comparison we're all debating?
  23. Respectfully offer $400 picked up today.
  24. Interested. Can you post pics of each?
  25. I am very interested in the Stealths for this application also. How does it throw the low end of the rating? What size reel are you using on the 1145?