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  1. I am in Pacifica, CA (SF Peninsula). Fishing sandy beaches with some small scattered rock structure here and there. Beach pitch is moderate with wave break anywhere from 50'-70' from beach.
  2. Hey all, I am looking to purchase a new surf rod to throw SP minnows and I have settled on the St. Croix Mojo Surf, but I am looking for some guidance on what size. I like the 11' MH to clear the waves but it is rated for 3-8oz lures and the SP are about 1 1/9 oz and 1 5/8 oz. I am wondering if anyone has had experience throwing these on the 11' MH Mojo and how it impacted casting distance and performance being so far out of weight rating. I also am entertaining the 10'-6" Med. Mojo that throws 3/4 - 4oz lures, but it is only medium power and I am not sure if that is enough for tying into a good sized striper. Does anyone have experience fighting a striper on that rod and how it performed? My main goal is obviously to be able to get past the surf so distance is a big must, but I also don't want to be underpowered when fighting a fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!