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  1. If you couldn't return it, definitely check if your credit card has purchase protection. Sometimes they will cover damages like this if you can't return it.
  2. I have been lately, though mine is definitely heavier than would be ideal. As mentioned elsewhere in the thread, getting the bait out far is pretty essential there, unless you are early/late in the season or looking for bass. From what I've seen most people use lighter salmon/steelhead type rods.
  3. I've done that in the Great Lakes trolling and it's definitely what most people use out there. I've chunked some shiners at the Chu before, but mostly at the end of the day with the last ones left in the bucket, and not with much luck.
  4. Yeah, I've taken to bringing my surf rod and threading shiners so they can really fly out there.
  5. Beautiful shot! It's always really hit or miss there for me as well--and I've put in a lot of time trying to find more consistent action/tracking conditions/etc. Great place to spend the day whether the fish are on or not though!
  6. That exact same thing happened to me. Well exactly the same except for them starting to bite at some point--slow night all around, but beautiful.
  7. Thanks. I will sit this one out I think--unfortunately work isn't cooperating this week. I have korkers and know the spot I would go pretty well, but it would definitely be after dark until I can get out. Hopefully it won't be too messed up after this blows through to be able to have a good weekend.
  8. I was thinking about going out around dark today to try for some stripers in the surf. I probably won't have another chance until the weekend, but is it a bad idea to go out today? I've never fished this big of water before.
  9. I didn't realize those stayed cold enough, that's good to know!
  10. According to this they still haven't done any fall stocking yet.
  11. Some Central American style whole fried scup was on the menu lately with a chunky garden tomato sauce.
  12. I had one a little smaller than that off the shore into ~30 ft of water, around 3 pounds. It was quite a surprise when I saw what came up, they fight surprisingly hard. It made some excellent chowder.
  13. I didn't realize they were the same as choggies, that makes sense.
  14. That makes sense. I think I'll probably just keep them as a happy bycatch then.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that they are cunner. I did have some doubts at first that they were togs, but they are definitely not sea bass.