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  1. Gentlemen- Living here in Western Mass , I don’t get to do a lot of bass fishing on cape cod. I said bass because spell check keeps Changing it to strippers. 95% of my collection is vintage wooden large mouth bass plugs - poppers and jitter bugs and other misc. pieces. Now with saltwater it’s only going to get bigger. Thanks again
  2. Gentlemen I can’t see me selling the bi-centennial anytime soon. $1000-$1500 is a nice chunk of change. But not a game changer. It is now the premier lure in my collection. I have taped the hooks per your instructions. Thank you for all the information. I have a question tho. I currently fish with a couple Bill Fisher rods . One is dated 1976 , the other 1985, should I retire them? They turn into the letter c and keep a nice even pressure on them. One is 10 1/2 ft, the other 10 ft
  3. Sorry guys! I have never been to the SWLCC. This fall when I head to the canal, I look forward to seeing his statue. Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into one of you. I’d love to hear stories about Mr. Stan Gibbs. He sounds like a one of a kind person and great friend
  4. Sorry guys- Ihave never been to the SWLCC. This fall when I head to the canal I look forward to seeing his statue. This Stan Gibbs gentleman is all new to me. I hope I run into some of you! I would enjoy hearing more about him.
  5. I buy any old fishing stuff I find. It started when I worked on a garbage truck and people would throw away old tackle boxes and poles. They all came home with me! The bi- centennial was in a tackle box I bought at a tag sale a couple years ago.
  6. I have a bi- centennial Stan Gibbs lure. Never knew what it was. I just liked the look of it. Glad I didn’t fish with it. Apparently it is quite collectible. Anyone know what it is worth? I have the yellow version with Stan & ceil Gibbs 76 on the bottom