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  1. My Stradic 1000 has 6lb braid, 2lb fluorocarbon and a 9'6" steelhead rod for my bubble/fly trout setup.
  2. According to this physics explanation, need to drive slower - like 5 mph or less - to avoid wash boarding. Airing down tires helps. Any I always thought the wind created those darned bumps.
  4. Baitcasting reels with thumb bars to freespool Google Maps Cell phone communication w/ my fishing buddies
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  7. A couple of years ago, my buddy hooked a large white sea bass on a sabiki. He had it for about 2 mins then the hook straightened. I now tie my own sabikis with 25lb fluorocarbon. Mackerel don't seem to mind
  8. I'd put in a zip lock bag with Dawn or detergent and water and then put the bag in an ultrasonic cleaner with water. Better if your ultrasonic cleaner can warm the water. May need an iteration, or two with a toothbrush.
  9. I did a quick internet search on shipping container costs and it is roughly $1/sq ft. So about $0.50 a reel for shipping. Not sure how much it costs to get the box to the container, and from the container to the final destination. I'm going to guess at $2-$3 per reel box total bulk shipping. Now shipping time is another issue.
  10. Maybe not too much off base. Winter time fishing can be tough with 1 or 2 fish days. I was skunked 7 times in row last Feb. So why do I keep at it? Catching is not the only pleasure I get from surf fishing. I like the exercise, interacting with friends, the challenge of finding fish in different conditions and just being outdoors. For example, during my *best* 2021 surf fishing day, I didn't get a bite and in fact I didn't even bring my rod. My oldest son and his girlfriend came out from DC and asked if I would take them fishing. Of course my youngest son also wanted to join and 2 of my oldest son's friends from college who live nearby. I had a blast preparing gear the day before, getting them to the spot, teaching 3 of them how to use a spinning reel, catching crabs and cheering them on when they had a good cast. I took their photos when they caught a fish and even though the fish were small, they were all smiles. Here's a few photos from the trip (my boys are on on the ends of the group photo),
  11. Hi Jim - Welcome to Southern California! I know, it is a bit early, but the sentiment is genuine. It sounds like you'll be closer to your son and probably some grandkids too. That has to be a plus. Once you get settled in, I'm sure you'll find a favorite local beach to fish and start meeting the locals who walk, or just hang out every morning. I see many familiar faces at my local beach and have developed some "beach" friendships too. Like Butch said, there's not a lot of crowds in the mornings. You'll get into a groove with a peaceful section of beach. Yes, corbina, croaker and perch are small compared to stripers, but they are still a blast to catch! Embrace change and celebrate the positives - you will discover many -Mike
  12. Pat in flour, then egg wash, then cover with panko and fry. Cut into strips an eat with katsu sauce and steamed rice...
  13. That is a Cuban Yo-Yo. Yo-yo fishing for yellowtail involves a high speed reel with a high rate retrieve and a heavy jig like a Salas 6xjr, or Tady 4/0. It is sometimes known as the "Mexican rip."
  14. I like a mono top shot when I yo-yo for yellowtail. It is much easier on my wet, levelwinding thumb.