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  1. I used a rattle can to paint a mint colored back on this white SP Minnow and changed the treble hooks to singles. Caught the yellowtail at Cedros Island.
  2. I don't pinch the line, but I don't typically cast a lot of weight either. I've heard good things about Breakaway Casting Cannons for bait fishing.
  3. Mathis
  4. obvious
  5. I attended a Cabo surf fishing seminar at the 2019 Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA. Wesley Brough was the speaker. I'm sure if you message him, he will be happy to describe the rods he uses. During the seminar he did mention that a high speed retrieve is a must with at least 45" per crank. He also had an assortment of his favorite lures/baits.
  6. This looks very close albeit shinier Spiral Spinner Hard Bait
  7. Rattle
  8. Jack
  9. Makes me laugh every time I see this oldie, but goodie mola/sunfish video
  10. It depends. If your cast includes a significant amount of the mono backing, then you will feel the stretch of the backing and the mono leader. If your cast does not include the mono backing and you still have braid on the reel, then you will only feel the stretch of the mono leader. Assuming your mono leader is short, then the stretch is negligible. For fun, tie a typical length mono leader to something stationary and then pull it with your hand (may need gloves). This is how much stretch you will have.
  11. I'm from the West Coast, so please keep that in mind... I have a Tranx 400 loaded with 50# braid. I used it with a 4' fluorocarbon leader to hook and land a 48 pound yellowtail. I didn't have any problems with the braid digging in. I also have a Curado 300EJ with straight 65# braid that I've used for calico bass to 8 pounds. The straight braid cuts through the kelp where these bass live. Again, no digging in. In the surf I use a Curado 100D with straight 8# mono and cast 1 ounce sinkers with sand crabs. I like mono, because I can change the whole spool frequently without feeling guilty about the cost. From my point of view, it depends on your preference and application and braid digging in is not an issue.
  12. I used quality ringed hooks to replace trebles. The ring will keep the hook's orientation correct like an in-line hook, and there are many styles to choose from. Personally, I like ringed Owner flyliner and gorillas.
  13. I used Pledge on my rods once and similar spots appeared when they got wet. I was able to buff out the spots later with a plain dry cloth. You might also try window cleaner, or my favorite "Goo Gone." Goo Gone is inexpensive, does a good job cleaning most things and is not corrosive.
  14. What size are you looking for...15lb, 30lb or 60lb?
  15. West Coast Hawaiian food from "Aunty Maile's."