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  1. Thanks for the input. Just looked up the bg3000 and it’s like 10. Something ounces? Damn that’s like a fw bass reel.
  2. So I’m looking for a good light budget surf setup. I kinda have my mind made up on a bg4000, but since I don’t have any tackle shops around here to try a tica rod out, would have t pair better with an 8 or 9 foot dolphin?
  3. Thanks. It’s a Ben doerr SC 10’ . I held it seems in nice shape. He’s asking $120
  4. That’s for the info guys. I held it the other day, it’s an Ben doerr (sp?) it felt great but price is a little high so idk yet
  5. I found an older surf rod that I like for sale and it’s about 15 years old from st Croix. After a certain age do they start to lose strength or weaken. The rod looks in good shape and no obvious signs or f damage and the price is ok. Anything I should look for?
  6. I’m looking at dblue rods and I remember back in the day they were loved and they were tc4 blanks. Reading over them now they’re made with Titanium or mesh graphite. How do these compare to the old ones? Still worth it?