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  1. Thanks fishhappy and D1fishr for your replies. I have discovered that there are older versions of the 750 SS that have different sized threading on either side. So, the screw doesn't fit on the left hand side and the handle doesn't fit the right hand side. I had to buy a new 15BL-850 Handle Pivot, Left Hand to switch to right hand crank. Some genius at PENN decided this was the best design to go with at the time. There are newer versions of the 750 SS that are reversible unfortunately I did not buy one. In fact I bought 2 of the older version reels and had to buy 2 replacement left hand pivots. I just hope this solves the problem.
  2. Hi, how do I change from left hand to right hand handle on a Penn 750 SS spinning reel. I have done this before on other reels so I know it is possible but I think I may have to go into the guts of the reel. Appreciate any help with this. Thanks, Rick