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  1. Thanks! Yeah heading north is on the list. The only reason I was wondering about Assateague is it’s closest to where I live, and I can get there easily for a weekend. Thanks again for all the tips and help.
  2. Thanks again for the replies, I’m really excited to do this. They look like a blast to fish!
  3. So when would you recommend albies in obx? Still the first couple weeks of October?
  4. Thanks for the replies, after searching those reports I really didn’t see any albies getting caught. Thanks again
  5. Hello, I was trying to see if anyone has an idea of when Albies would be around Assateague? I was thinking of going down there sometime in the first two weeks of October. Is that general timeframe of when they would be in the surf there? If not, when in your experience would they be? Lastly, what else is usually “hot” in that time period? Thank you for the help.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate your response’s. I’m going to try to fish for them either in obx or maybe closer to me around Assateague maybe early October. Sounds like that would be a decent time period.
  7. Do you know what part of October they probably stop running?
  8. That is awesome, thank you for sharing that. It sounds like they won’t be as frequent as Spanish, but I was wondering if people were even trying to target them? And if they weren’t maybe that’s why they weren’t being caught?
  9. I saw on a previous topic that it was possible to catch Albies from the surf in obx. Has anyone been successful in targeting them? What months would you be most successful at fishing them from the surf? Sounds like basically a Spanish setup would work for them as well. Thanks.
  10. What would be your cutoff for wind speed? Also, what wind direction would be ideal?
  11. 20 lb fluro was the final result for me as well. So you’re saying when they’re jumping reel faster?
  12. In your guys experience, when do the Spanish stop running around Assateague? August and September still good for them?
  13. It’s funny you mention that about the jumping. Every morning like you said they were jumping everywhere and no hits. But, that one evening there was hardly any jumping and it felt like we couldn’t keep them off the line. Alittle off topic, but do you ever get blues to hit the same lures that you use for Spanish?
  14. Thanks, I will do that.
  15. How often do you change your lures in either time you fish?