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  1. A few minutes, depends on if it's a truck or car tire. Mostly use for the stuff you listed. The chuck screws on and it cuts off at preset pressure so you don't have to stand there waiting.
  2. Stella too light?
  3. Would the Stella FJ5000 be a good fit for the St Croix Legend 9ft moderate? I have no way to handle the reel before purchasing.
  4. Does the weight transfer system actually add casting distance?
  5. Big box killed all the small shop around me, sad.
  6. Nice ones!
  7. Powerbait
  8. Pieces, crawlers are expensive!
  9. PP superslick V2
  10. I believe there are several year round brown trout stream in yhe eastern panhandle. Check out Fish Hawk on YouTube.
  11. Good to know.
  12. And possibly no service from Shimano USA.
  13. I don't think Shimano JDM models have US warranty.
  14. Valid points.