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  1. I never got into hunting, I have a few buddy’s who will give me feathers when they go out though! nice bird!
  2. The rods that’s I have Spiral warped used 2 transition guides. 0,60,120,180 is how I’ve done mine
  3. I have built multiple NFC rods without any addition prep and I’ve have no issues. I’ve built fly rods, big swimbait rods, and normal conventional rods as well. I’d let it ride as is. I’d be worried about scoring or damaging the blank. thats just my 2 cents
  4. I’ve always used the flex coat tip top glue as well. I wonder if hot glue would actually be stronger? I’ve never had any issues on my bigger rods! Even my big swimbait rods have zero problems
  5. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make grips like that… its something I’m going to have to tackle someday. Can you design cork as well?
  6. Agreed! I just moved back north and now that steelhead season is over.... I might have some time to float around!
  7. I have built some smaller glass rods that I need to take a trip and use them specifically. Glass is great for smaller stream stuff!! I just need to find the right smaller stream...
  8. I know it’s been mentioned but I love my HMH vise. I got the TRV and it handles everything I throw at it. I was even able to call and discuss some “custom” features or changes I may make in the future
  9. Shot you a note. To reel back in the purpose of the thread. So is it safe to say at this point any true G. loomis blank is just NOS. Probably pretty difficult to get access to? understood!
  10. Looks awesome! Now you should build a fly rod with the same grip and get the matching Abel fly reels!;)
  11. I’m very interested!! For some reason I can’t message you. I’m assuming it’s because I don’t have enough posts! When you get the chance can you try to message me? I’d love to work something out for that blank! Also, I have built on NFC before. They are great blanks. I just wasn’t sure if there was a old building store people knew of that had a stock pile of NOS blanks!
  12. I’ve used these on some of my fly set ups. They seems to be nice guides but I did have to order a few extra. The first few I got were flawed. The feet didn’t match and for some reason on one side of the guide there was a pretty decent gap between the guide foot and the blank when I wrapped it.
  13. If it helps, I’ve built up a few rodgeek blanks and they are fantastic!! Some people are willing to pay the premium prices for name banded blanks. I feel like you honestly can’t go wrong either way!
  14. Long shot…. But I’m curious if anyone knows if you can still find G. Loomis rod blanks. I found a NOS 4wt locally, but I’m looking for blanks in the 6-8 wt range since that’s what I primarily use. Any leads on a shop or anyone who still has them would be great!
  15. The worst thing that’s ever happened to me was I go some super glue in my eye… I was tying a articulated fly and I was flying the wire to connect the hooked down and I did some security wraps when the glue was still wet. My thread hit the point of the hook and it flicked a small amount in my eye. HIGHLY do not recommend this!!! Basically I held my eye open and washed it out with loads of water and contact solution.