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  1. Tick tock. Lol There should be a separate thread for just the insane predictions made on this forum that didn't come true. This thread alone should provide enough to keep you all busy for awhile. Then the landslide vote results, the proof of fraud etc should carry well into next year. Then you could start with the really good stuff about what happens to Biden, President Scary Black Woman, yada yada. Should generate lots of views to make $$$ for the forum owner.
  2. Break out those 150 mm howitzers. Scary brown people and strong women. They coming to git you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. LMFAO
  3. I know. It's friggin sad. My biggest bass ever and most of the best for size and numbers, longest, most dramatic blitzes of both bass and blues all came from Maine. I still have never seen anything close to those on all the so called "blitz" videos on YouTube. Blues were sure thing, always big. Once in a 14 ft tin boat, we found a huge shallow area near Freeport that was absolutely jammed solid with gators. It was way in back, totally calm and sheltered, like a freshwater pond. We fished for about 4 hours. Gator on every cast. My brother got sick of fighting them and took the hooks of his plug so he could just enjoy the topwater blowups. Then one summer the Russian factory ship showed up. Within a few years the pogies stopped coming. Friggin sad.
  4. Doesn't start till midnight tonight
  5. That certainly hasn't always been the case. Most of the 90s I planned my vacations around the pogy run in Casco Bay. 20 - 30 pound bass blitzed on the pogies wherever they were found, along with mad schools of gator blues. They were around reliably by 4th of July, stayed through August at least. It was mostly a summer vacation from out of state thing for me so I can't really say what the Fall was like back then.
  6. You know, now that you mentioned it, it occurs to me that I rarely see eagles in RI. Where I live in Ma, near the Merrimack and Nashua rivers, they're like deer. Nobody even notices them anymore. We have 3 active nests in the area and they're here year round. Over in Ct, along the Ct river, they're just as common.
  7. I don't know anything about the case being discussed but have two generalized observations; Sometimes the woman IS crazy. If she's good at keeping it hidden from the cops, the dude is fawked. Life changing fawked. If you scratch a domestic abuser of either sex, 9 times out of 10, booze will leak out.
  8. I wouldn't say there's any grey area. Anyone who went to the trouble to shell and place the acorns in order to shoot a deer is a poacher. How is this different from the guy who takes a 27 inch striper for the table? Everyone here would be crying to have the guy tossed in jail, huge fines, picture in the paper etc. "Baiting is defined as the deliberate placing, depositing, distributing, or scattering of bait so as to constitute for deer a lure, attraction, or enticement to or on any area where hunters are attempting to take them."
  9. Yah I think you're right. I definitely remember some brutal piss poor ice fishing conditions around that time. Kinda like last year. Sure hope this isn't a sign of another winter like that.
  10. Biden pardens trump but not the kids. Melania divorces him. He spends the end of his days fighting massive number of lawsuits. His former friends abandon him and pretend they were not really his friends. Nationwide mask mandate and huge push of free widespread testing brings the virus under control enough to cautiously reopen enough to limp along until the vaccines are rolled out. Biden declines a second term, Harris wins easily. The rich keep getting richer. The poor stay poor, but with healthcare. The economy resets but not from satan. From businesses like the food industry evolving with the weak disappeared and the strong expanding. Police departments are reformed with the cowards and bullies fired and not allowed to remain in the field. Old rich white guys continue to rule.
  11. Sounds like the Jersey boats are getting cows. I hate to think of all those big fish hauled up onto the deck of the party boats, posed for hero shots and dropped back over the rail. Better than killing them outright but still...
  12. 2011 Halloween storm. I was on call for several small drinking water systems. When the power started going out, I started getting alarms from all over during the heat of the storm. Driving through Boxborough on back roads, trees and big branches started coming down on the road. At one point my way forward was blocked so I turned around only to find my way back was blocked. I had to get out and drag a huge branch aside just enough to squeeze past. The whole time I was out of the truck big branches were falling in the woods in big avalanches of snow. I seriously thought one was gonna fall on me. One thing I remember about that storm was that a couple of the accounts ran out of fuel for the generators that ran their neighborhood well pump. The residents had home generators for their houses but no drinking water, showers or toilet flushing. The fuel companies couldn't keep up and they went days without water.
  13. Anything is possible. You'd think he wouldn't use his work vehicle. But then again, the number of service trucks and vehicles with company logos on the side suggests people aren't worried about it. In all honesty I really don't know if it was a cop. Sure looked like a cop car though. And new, not one of those old cruisers sold out of service.
  14. Just drove past the dispensary in Ayer and saw a guy sitting in the parking lot that looked just like an unmarked cruiser with New Hampshire plates. I wonder what that's about? I doubt he was a customer. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that half the cars in the lot at any given time are NH plates?