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  1. I am a college engineering student so I really like making things rather than spending money on them as money is tight at the moment. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make teasers that go on the popular bucktail rigs when fishing for flounder. I know people make their own bucktails but is there a way to make the teasers that go on the second hook? Thank you all for any ideas.
  2. I have been fishing for fluke but just recent hear about using a bucktail with a teaser. i always just used a sinker and a single hook with the a strip of squid. I am sure there are all different kinds of rigs that people use. Which one do rig do you use? Are there any other kinds of rigs that you think are better than using a bucktail and a teaser?
  3. Is there a way to have a chicken rig with a bucktail on it. that way the stinker will keep you on the bottom and the buck tail can still be used? That way their is enough weight but i am not sure if the bucktail will even be effective if it is on with a sinker at the bottom.
  4. I wonder if using a bucktail with a chicken rig would work with the heavy current. The sinker would allow for smaller size bucktails on either of the 2 hook.
  5. What do you do when you the current is too heavy? is there a way to use a sinker to stay on the bottom or do you just have to use really heavy bucktails?
  6. Do you use bucktails on the Hi/lo rig?
  7. I actually think they are called bucktail teasers. They have the hairlike things on them like bucktails they just don't have any weight. I thought that was the most popular rig that is used for fluke fishing. that is what it seems like online i could be wrong though. it has the bucktail on the bottom and then a little higher there is another hook that you put a bucktail teaser on. Is this not a common rig setup for fluke. i am fairly new to tying my own rigs. i used to just use the rentals rod they gave you on party boats.