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  1. Pulled the trigger on a different option in the meanwhile. Sorry for the inconvenience. Locking the post
  2. Still available?
  3. Looking to buy for small stream fishing. Located in Boston area or cape, willing to drive a bit to pick up, or pay for shipping. Also open to similar rods.
  4. Sorry thought I replied. How much has it been used?
  5. Looks good! How much was it used/when was it purchased? Also where are you located? Might be able to avoid shipping
  6. WTB saltx 4000 reel. New or or close to new preferred!
  7. Looking for a smaller rod for the little stream near my school. I’m a college student so my budget is pretty low; hoping to spend around 100, but can go higher if I really like it. Thanks!
  8. Looking to get into the sport soon. Any recommendations on a good length / wt to start out with. I was thinking about a shorter/lighter rod (like 7’6” 4wt) to give me a little more freedom with smaller streams. Any drawbacks to that compared to the traditional 9’ 5wt?
  9. Looking to get into fly fishing this spring. Any suggestions on length / wt for a rod. I was thinking 7’6” 4 wt to get to some of the more remote / cramped places. Are there downsides to the smaller rod?
  10. Caught one of these in Chatham / stage harbor a few years back. Didn’t know what it was until now!
  11. Hoping to catch some bonito / albies over the next few weeks. Any good recommendations on charters located on the cape? I’m in Chatham but would be willing to go out from anywhere.
  12. I think a savage sand eel or other paddle tail type lures are great for beginners. They’ll catch fish on a straight retrieve, but you can also experiment with them and get familiar with other retrieves
  13. Sounds like they need a gentle reminder the bag limit changed from 10 to 3
  14. I’m just grateful that our national sea shore isn’t Myrtle Beach 2.0