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  1. Caught one of these in Chatham / stage harbor a few years back. Didn’t know what it was until now!
  2. Hoping to catch some bonito / albies over the next few weeks. Any good recommendations on charters located on the cape? I’m in Chatham but would be willing to go out from anywhere.
  3. I think a savage sand eel or other paddle tail type lures are great for beginners. They’ll catch fish on a straight retrieve, but you can also experiment with them and get familiar with other retrieves
  4. Sounds like they need a gentle reminder the bag limit changed from 10 to 3
  5. I’m just grateful that our national sea shore isn’t Myrtle Beach 2.0
  6. Lots of great suggestions; thanks all for sending me in the right direction
  7. Recently bought a 7’6” MH tsunami carbon shield II rod (1/4-1oz) for bay fishing. I threw an old spinfisher v 4500 on that, but the reel is falling apart so I’m on the market for a new one. Any suggestions for new reels under 200? I was looking at the quantum cabos, which seemed nice, and was -also wondering whether a 40 or 50 would balance better.
  8. Fished from shore in Chatham today. A few bass, one slot-sized
  9. I recently got a 7’6” tsunami carbon shield II. Not terribly expensive; has worked great for me
  10. I mounted a pegboard on the wall. Works great
  11. Yep — “the public has the right to boat, fish, and fowl in navigable waters. Even in non-navigable waters, the public still retains the right to “[travel] in boats or other craft, for purposes of business, convenience, or pleasure.” (Brosnan v. Gage 1921)
  12. Where exactly does a town derive the power to impose a “no swim zone”? Littoral rights in MA allow swimming in intertidal zones, as the water is public. Could fishing not also be restricted through the same mechanism?
  13. I’d also try to explore Pleasant Bay a little; you may be able to encounter some colder water there, which is always good this time of year. You would also be able to get by with relatively light gear. I second NCO. They’re great
  14. For sand eel imitations, you really can’t beat a savage sandeel or sluggo
  15. Is that a bill hurley? Fished an outer beach today; lots of pogies out far and tiny bait in close. No fish