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  1. Why is it that some poppers like to sit horizontal with the water surface and others like to sit almost vertically? Is there a "proper" way a popper should sit? I do want to know how the popper sit affect the action, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. In the picture is two poppers sitting in different ways as described. The one that is almost looking straight up to the sky is a Rebel popper.
  2. I would save the guides. That's what I always do. There are videos on YT of rod builders removing rod guides. That's how I learned. Also, was the rod used with a spinning reel?
  3. Looks great! And beefy. How did you wrap the guides so it stays on during a tuna fight? Is it just like any other rods except using beefier threads?
  4. When you cut off two hooks from your trebles, which ones of the three do you cut off? Or it doesn't matter, so cut off two random ones?
  5. I am replacing the treble hooks on some of my spoons and jigs with a single point hook. I am thinking of using O Shaugnessy style hooks since they have an eyelet that appears to be large enough to fit on the split rings. Do you think O Shaugnessy style hooks are a sufficient replacement for trebles? Especially when using split rings? Otherwise, what style of hook would you use in this situation?
  6. Gotcha. Thanks guys for confirming my suspicions.
  7. *looks like this post was somehow posted twice. How can I fix this?*
  8. One time, I was watching a YouTube video of somebody fishing the Cape Cod Canal. I was reading the comments and someone said that you would be able to open a tackle store with all of the stuff lost there, if you could dive for them. Another person responded briefly that you can't dive there, might be illegal. This comment was made over 3 years ago and I doubt I would get a response clarifying this, especially on a video with little views. I have never been to Cape Cod, much less the state of Massachusetts in my life, and live far away from it. So I am not aware if this is true and I simply am wondering about this. All I know so far is that it is rocky an deep, and heavy tackle is routinely used there due to the conditions. Is it really illegal to swim or dive around there, will you be stopped, have anyone done it?
  9. The word is that a member in my church community named Atushi is in the hospital with stage 4 cancer all over his body. Doctors gave him a week left to live. I do not know the full details, but it sounds bad. Please send prayers for him.
  10. Did a little research. Looks like it is also called the Wally Diver. And it appears to be sold out everywhere.
  11. Visited a lake today. Found only one lure washed up on the bank- a CDS7. A good start for this year. (I lure hunted last year and found lots of good stuff). I'm a boatless fisherman, so I'm hoping that I can put this to good use. Cleaned it up and posted photos:
  12. Brass is often used in terminal tackle such as weights, swivels, spinner blades, or on inline spinners. Problem is, brass can lose their luster and succumb to oxidation. While luster is not important for weights or swivels, it may be for spinner blades. So once a brass spinner blade is restored to shine, what would you do to maintain that shine and protect from oxidation? Do you wax it? Coat in lacquer? Clear nail polish or super glue? I noticed that brass shell casings in ammunition have a durable, clear coating. Any idea what that may be? I'm thinking that clear nail polish, nail hardener, or super glue are cheap and basic options that can be used. After cleaning up the brass components, that is. What are your thoughts?
  13. Robert is not going to preside over this. That is suspicious. Constitutionally, anybody who is not a SCOTUS cannot preside over a impeachment trial.
  14. Concealed carry firearm. To be safe. Whether two legged or four.
  15. I appreciate you trying to respond ASAP, I actually have plenty of time on hand. Thanks for your help. I actually found a way to figure out what my password used to be. I'll be sure to keep that in mind!