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  1. Excellent stuff - - thanks!
  2. Great points! Yes last year Lewis Bay was a lukewarm bath. Maybe I can find some colder channels within driving distance. Tight lines -
  3. Thanks for all the responses - really appreciate it. Would the Bass River fair well mid-late August if the right places are sought out?
  4. Mike - Appreciate the prompt response. Yes, most of my fly-fishing is New England freshwater - but I have an 8-weight for the occasional salt adventure. Will look up the Gene Bourke book and thanks much for the input.
  5. Posted this in the Massachusetts forum - but figured I'd post here since I'll be fly fishing only. Wondering if anyone could give any advice on proven spots for late Aug around the Hyannis area? Not trying to hot-spot, but just some general direction would really help. Lewis Bay last year (same house we are staying this year) was super warm and not productive. Understood this is not the season to target stripers - but really just looking to get the line tight. Thanks in advance for any input. Best,