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  1. Right on guys thank you. I will be making a trip to the tackle shop to replace the shoddy hardware as well as rinsing the lures. Reed - The rust isn't horrendous, but its enough that i'm going to want to take care of it now rather than later
  2. Good pointers on here guys, Thank you. My take away from this is that no fish is worth getting into an altercation over. Respect gets respect and if someone doesn't want to play by those rules, its best to just swallow your pride and move along. Not worth sustaining injury or damage/loss of your equipment.
  3. Hi all, Rookie saltwater angler here. I've been noticing corrosion build up rather quickly on split rings, hooks and various other parts of my lures. All my saltwater tackle is less than two weeks old. When i get home from fishing, i make a point to wipe down both of my rods & reels with a lightly dampened paper towel in order to remove any excess salt. Should i be doing this with my lures as well? Is there an anti-corrosion spray or anti hardware that i should be using on my lures? I have not changed out any of the stock hardware on my lures. Thank you!
  4. Like i said in the beginning of the thread, i'm new to the canal and saltwater fishing. I had no idea that the railroad bridge was a contested spot on the canal. That's why i am here, so i can learn these tiny pieces of information. Being new to the canal, i don't want to be a disturbance (i.e just hucking lures out without paying attention to who else is casting down stream). New guys have the potential to be a hazard to themselves and those around them. The more info that i can learn on the sport and areas that i want to fish, the more i can learn to mitigate said hazards (i.e getting swept off the rocks on hazard ave, crossing lines while fishing a current, hooking someone fishing nearby because of poor casting technique, etc). I'm just here to learn so i can avoid getting into myself into trouble like what i saw previously. That's all guys. I mean no harm, straight up. I just want to be safe and smart about the sport.
  5. This is not a troll post. This is me explaining what i saw happen at the canal early monday morning and wondering if i should continue to fish the canal at night. I've received enough feedback to understand that the canal brings in a different breed of people at night. There's a lot more things i could be doing than "trolling" a hole in the wall fishing forum. Whether or not people believe me is irrelevant. Whats relevant is that Night time is when you're more likely to run into boneheads on the canal and therefore i will no longer be fishing there through the night. Best wishes guys!
  6. There were multiple cruisers on scene, so i would assume they had talked to everyone down by the railroad bridge. Sucks that these things go on.
  7. The cop stopped me by getting right in front of me in such a way that if i didnt brake, i would have hit him head on. The cop had no attitude when we spoke and simply asked for my license, car key and what i saw take place. As ditch jigger said, the cops had no idea if i was involved so it made sense to me that he would want my key to prevent a potential suspect from pulling out. Once the cops cleared me, they explained that they had multiple calls from dispatch about the incident and that they needed me to stay put til they found out what was going on. I was not hand cuffed or put in the back of a cruiser. I just sat in my car while the cops investigated. At no time did i feel as though my rights were being violated. They treated me with respect and in no way did i feel like the cop i dealt with was power tripping.
  8. Hi all, greenhorn striped bass angler here. Last night was 3rd time out to the canal and my first fishing mission through the night. At about 02:00AM this morning, a verbal altercation between two groups of fisherman escalated to one party being shoved down the rocks on an ebb tide. At that point i grabbed all my gear, tossed it in my car and attempted to drive off. Cops came cruising into Buzzards Bay recreation area and stopped me right next to the Stan Gibbs statue. They took my car key and witness statements about what i had seen. Eventually they cleared me, returned my car key and i was allowed to leave. Experienced canal anglers, My question to you is how often do fights break out on the big ditch? Is this common on the canal or did i just happen to show up on a one off night? I do carry OC spray however this particular night it stayed on my belt loop because there was no threat directed toward me or anybody that i know personally. Tight lines!