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  1. There's probably a few different types of rigs out there so take a look around and see what works best for you but I tie 4-6ft of 80lb mono directly to my braid. I place a fish finder rig on the mono section and then tie the mono end to a barrel swivel. Tie about 1-3ft of 100lb wire to one end of the swivel with a haywire twist and do another haywire twist to a 9/0 - 12/0 2x or 3x circle hook. You can play around how heavy your mono and wire are as well as the length for each section. The most important part is the overall length of your entire rig. Their skin is abrasive so can chafe you off so picture your hook being in the mouth and your rig running along the sharks body. You want your rig to be most of the length of the shark if not just as long so it can withstand being chafed off. Because your overall rig is pretty long I'd also recommend a really good braid to leader knot so you can reel it through your guides and it flows smoothly through on a cast. The FG is really good because it has a slim profile but can take practice to tie. Plenty of youtube videos on that.
  2. I'm not an expert on browns by any means but hope to be one day. Have done a bit of research and talking to people with more experience. This is what I've learned and have been doing. South facing beaches that are close to the mouth's of estuaries are a good start although the estuary part isn't totally necessary. I think you might increase your odd's being next to one since they attract a lot of life but just an opinion and personal strategy. Depending on the spot you also don't always need to haul your cast out as far as you can. 6-10ft of water is a good rule of thumb I've heard but got a sand tiger last year in 4 maybe 5ft of water. Dead eels work well because A.) they like them and B.) they are hardy. Don't necessarily need to be big but would use the bigger ones first until you get down to the little ones. Caught one this past weekend with 2 shoestring eels on 1 hook. Crabs can pick apart blues and pogies or other chunk bait but also work. If you have enough check your bait often and replace if needed. If you or any of your friends fish for tuna I've heard tuna scraps work well also.
  3. Ended up getting a 60/70lb brown Saturday night on cape (south facing beach). Was curious about the rays because hadn’t gotten them before and have been trying to get browns from a spot off cape.
  4. Got a large roughtail, which I believe feed on similar prey as browns/sandbars. So I’m thinking it’s a good sign but was curious to hear others thoughts.
  5. I’ve been targeting sharks from the beach the last 2 years and recently have been fishing in some more unconventional waters. Was wondering if anyone who has more experience with browns/sand tigers have noticed a correlation between these kinds of sharks from the beach and sting rays. Haven’t had any luck in these particular spots with sharks but recently caught a large roughtail sting ray and was wondering if this could be a positive sign that browns/sand tigers could be in the area. Would love to hear your thoughts.