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  1. Boru is ok but good for Newport. My biggest complaint (and more of a nitpick) is its consistency. Its just a little different every time and sometimes for the worse. Either way its nice to have some different food that is solid and not the same stuff served by the big restaurants all owned by the same people downtown.
  2. Anyone have any experience with any small water trout/small mouth fishing in RI? I want to try and explore Arcadia/wood river area a bit but really have no idea where to start or if its even worth it. Obviously looking at the stocked waters I can start there but I was wondering if there was any merit to hiking in and following some of the smaller streams and offshoots to find some wild or semi wild trout or small mouth.
  3. I have used mystic parts before and was happy with the results. There is a Penn rep that has an account on here that may be able to point you in a better spot but like I said I have used mystic parts before and been happy.
  4. Sad that I didn’t get out once in the last three weeks. Between the lack of motivation with dark coming at 530, the cold nights, and work trips it looks like I’ll have to clean out the truck and organize when I get home. I have been able to try and target some different species of fish while working in the Florida/Bahamas area. Brought a lightweight rod and reel and have been throwing top water at barracuda and needle fish. Was even able to get into some sharks last night.
  5. They might be looking at the forum but probably not much past the report thread…
  6. Well the good news is that if the Striper population declines enough or recreational fishing for them is limited and we have to fish for monster shad as a replacement this place can stay SOL
  7. So seriously this guy is an obvious troll who posts the same crap in other regional forums as well. Can we just shadow ban this moron? Either way from this point on people should know that surfamerica is a troll and should not be fed. Just ignore him. He’ll probably tire himself out sooner or later.
  8. Got out this morning at sunrise. No apparent action topwater in about a mile stretch I walked. Lots of birds searching but not finding. Walking back to the truck a blitz surfaced about a quarter mile out on some structure. To far to see what was on it.
  9. I think thats the point other guys have made. Its less jealousy and more just sick of his attitude. A lot of us have gone out and done well for ourselves and give reports but do it without giving spots away, bragging, or acting like a general tool. Its a culmination of things: "slaying it every night', posting pictures of fish that may or may not be 40 lbs, making comments about him or his friends keeping short fish, posting stories/pictures of fish that cant possibly have been revived correctly, posting another picture of himself in sneakers on the rocks AFTER BEING WASHED INTO THE WATER, NOT KNOWING HOW TO SWIM, AND ALMOST DYING A MONTH AGO AND CLAIMING TO BE GIVING UP THE SPORT only to be back 3 weeks later with the same old stuff we have seen all season. None of us here really give a crap if he's doing well fishing would guess most of us would be generally happy for the guy if he wasn't so unreceptive to any form of criticism. His attitude and disrespect to the guidelines for SOL and more importantly for the sport ticks people off.
  10. Great idea. To bad the people that should use them won’t. My new favorite near me is the guys that absolutely need to travel in a pack of, at a minimum, two but usually it’s 3-4. They have 10000 lumen head lamps that they leave on for 15-20 min and then have to cycle through the modes to turn them off which includes the roadside blinking light. I’m sure that doesn’t scare off the fish.
  11. Sure acts like one. Still doesn’t excuse anything
  12. I thought that guy was sticking to montauk. Seriously though can we ban that guy, at least from the RI threads. It was funny to mess with him for a little but I got rid of social media to avoid the ignorance and trolling. it would be a happier place without him.
  13. Fished the incoming last night. Took a little while to find a spot you could effectively cast without the wind throwing a massive bow in your line. I ended up finding a decent little hole and pulling a bunch of low slot fish out. Two guys tried to come fish right on top of me but luckily they couldn’t survive without their 10000 lumen headlamps on the entire time and the fishing turned off. I just stood by and watched and they left after about 20 minutes with no fish. Fishing turned back on after that. They were a little picky, would hit a lot of different profiles but only if they were super slow. Last night was a little bit of work but paid off with a dozen or so fish, the biggest in the 20-25# weight class
  14. Haha I probably qualify as a kid and I’d pay to have some nice bass. I walked away from a breachway a few weeks ago when all we could catch we sub 28” fish. I feel bad for the little guys.
  15. Don’t forget your korkers