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  1. I want to say I've read in one of your other threads that you had the previous version of the Malibu Pedal in your shop. If that's accurate, what was the feedback on it? The redesign really only affected the fishing features and the hull stayed the same, so any experience with the Malibu Pedal should be applicable to the Salty.
  2. Check out these photos from Ocean Kayak's page on the Malibu Pedal. False advertising? Lol
  3. All good info again, thanks. I'm not interested in the standard PDL 120, but I'd already been giving consideration to the Predator/BigWater PDL. I started on this voyage planning to spend about a $1K on a good paddle yak, then after further research and thought, decided it would be worth bumping the budget to around $2K to get a decent pedal yak, and now I'm seriously considering another budget increase to get the Predator/BigWater. I'm not sure if it's the extra money or the extra weight which gives me more hesitation though. I don't have unlimited funds, but I do know I'd rather spend enough money upfront to get an enjoyable experience. I don't want to let the fact I didn't spend enough money be the reason I end up thinking I don't like kayak fishing. Everyone talks about the importance of demo'ing before you buy, but even if COVID wasn't already making that difficult, I really don't think I'd have the opportunity to demo both side by side, and especially not in the waters and conditions that would highlight really their differences. I've also noticed an uptick in the availability of used kayaks over the past couple of weeks, and I would not be surprised if the post-COVID kayak sell-off is just around the corner. Thanks again for taking the time to circle back and fill us in on your experience with the Malibu Pedal.
  4. Thanks for that in-depth feedback. I've read a few reports now about it being a wet ride, at least in rougher conditions. I don't have any kayak experience worth speaking of, but I've kind of been assuming a wet ride was a given with any kayak in rougher conditions. Maybe not? Either way though, you make an excellent point about the value of the deck pads to combat it being slippery. The different style bungie clips is also new information, so thanks. I'm not sure how big of a deal that is to me, but between the different clips, the different rudder control, and the lack of deck pads, the sacrifices one would make in order to get the colors of the Malibu are adding up. I'm only familiar with Navarre Kayak's rudder option for the Predator. Are the rudders interchangeable between Predator/Salty (Malibu), or does Navarre Kayak make a separate rudder kit for the Salty/Malibu? Also, do the included scupper plugs come with one-way valves, or are they simple plugs? Thanks again!
  5. Glad to hear it worked out for you! I'm still without, so might have to give West Marine another shot. At least it's risk free. Slight bummer on though rudder control though, especially since you'd also have to pay for the pads if you wanted those also. Since the Malibu Pedal and the Salty are the same MSRP, but the Malibu doesn't get the pads and upgraded rudder control, I wonder there is some other "bonus" or feature on the Malibu. Maybe it's their colors? Which color did you go with? All four are awesome, but I think I'd want Sunrise or Ahi.
  6. Awesome. Can you send me their website link you purchased through? All I can find is the old link I used before. I still think I prefer the colors on the Ocean Kayak line versus the Old Town line.
  7. Did you confirm with West Marine that they had the newly redesigned Malibu Pedal? I ordered one from them last month, after being assured by their customer service that they had the new one, but when it arrived at the store it was the old design with the smaller rear tankwell, old rudder control, etc. I didn't accept it, and a few days later the store manager told me he got a hold of Johnson Outdoors and confirmed that West Marine wouldn't have the new Malibu's until October. I don't want to rain on your parade, but just wanted to warn you about my experience.
  8. Here's the part numbers for each side, sold separately: 01.1316.0068 (Left) 01.1316.0069 (Right) $20.99 each
  9. That is one of the things I brought up to Johnson Outdoors one of the times I spoke to them over the phone. The rep told me that the Malibu now has the "upgraded rudder control". I still haven't seen one in person to verify that myself, but that's what I was told. They also provided me with part numbers and prices for the foam deck pads that come on the Salty but not the Malibu.
  10. Thanks for that info. I'd be super appreciative if you're able to post your experiences as you get to use it more, especially in any surf and something more than light chop. Enjoy that thing while I wait for them to make their way out to the west coast!
  11. Congrats on finding a deal! I'm wondering if I should just wait it out and see if the post-COVID world is going to have some deals.
  12. With that much water being displaced, I'm betting you could fill up the remaining space with water and the kayak wouldn't be anywhere near sinking. I'd probably want to test that theory out though, because I can see your point on the difficulty of using the bilge pump.
  13. Was the water choppy or rough, and if so, was the Salty a wet ride? I hadn't seen any complaints about that kayak being a wet ride until yesterday, when a guy on one of the Old Town Facebook pages was complaining about it. Said he got soaked from chop coming in from the side.
  14. Basically the Malibu Pedal (aka Salty) won every important contest except the tug of war, where the PA and MD180 displayed more torque. Interesting... Also interesting is that the MD180 was stripped out and broke from the competition (albeit, this was the "original" version). Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. I was having second thoughts on my intended purchase, but you kind of talked me away from the ledge, lol. What kind of waters and conditions have you had the Salty out in?