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  1. Hi all, I have a friend with a place near Priscilla landing I stayed at for a week and a half. Was out kayak fishing all but one day. Most days I was in nauset, but a couple of it in pleasant. Was catching lots of fish. I even got into a crazy inshore frenzy inside nauset marsh area last year(being purposely vague) and had 3 fish on at the same time and it was just me there, freaking exciting. Had some lines trolling; it was awesome. My dad and i used to fish out of nauset and pleasant bay for maybe 12 years straight starting in the early 90s. There were bad days and there are definitely more seals. but it was still great when i was there last september. The question i have for ya'll who've been there lately, any non resident town landing parking allowed before sept 15 anywhere for pleasant or nauset? Where would you go if you were kayaking the cape these days(nauset?, pleasant? bass river? brewster?) Have they closed landings or posted closing signs cause of covid? I expect the town landings are still only resident parking till sep 15 this year still, yes? doesn't bother me still great fishing then and less people. anyone ever get citation or towed for that withotu resident sticker? Wanted to get down there next week for some fishing and hit up hole in one for some breakfast, but didn't want to make the drive if there trying to shut down. So many good memories fishing all that area. Tight Lines.