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  1. Bob Davies developed a revolutionary top water plug that a lot of people like. He’s a great guy
  2. Wondering if anyone took over would like to get some for the season
  3. 1-230pm big schools of peanut bunker from nauset inlet down past the parking lot 100 yards out to in the wash. Tons of gulls no sign of breaking fish pretty cool
  4. For the past bunch of years fall run has been a myth. It really became the fall crawl. This year I would call it the fall walk an improvement!
  5. U really see it if u bike the canal most of the paths leading down to the Water are overgrown . it’s not just the canal. last week I went to an ocean beach at 8pm. Juvenile oven herring up and down the beach. A few pods of mackerel too. That bait use to produce banner nights. i caught 1 small bass after dark i have caught 4 fish in the canal this year
  6. Unfortunately in today’s world sometimes we feel we don’t want to help people there’s a lot of people in a lot of trouble right now Two nights ago around midnight I was heading back to my car and I saw a guy on the bike path walking very badly old guy As I was loading my car in the Sagamore parking lot I watched him barely get across the parking lot he then made a right turn and started walking up the street I saw him fall over in the grass I drove over I stayed in the car at first talking to him offering to get him food or something to drink The more I talk to him the more I realized the guy was perfectly rational perfectly coherent he kept saying he just wanted to get back home he described where he lived all the streets all the turns after about 15 minutes I picked him up half carried him to my car he directed me to a house where he had a basement apartment some friends took him in after he lost his house in Buzzards Bay he was an ex postal carrier I bet he was in his 80s I half carried him to his apartment in the basement got him in And I hope he’s OK
  7. Has anyone noticed more kelp beds in the canal? I used to pull up a lot of shellfish crabs some lobsters starfish Now these spots are full of kelp
  8. Were there any snuck along the beach yet with the jacks were there any glass minnows
  9. Bike path closed around the herring run at 5 AM
  10. Did anyone ever feel it is the swivel that sometimes snags not the jig? I think it happens more then u think.
  11. I remember when this website started. Threads about Tim and Dubs exploits. JPowers and the Ditch. A certain unnamed individual proclaiming himself the best surf fisherman ever. It’s was fun. There were fish. What happened? that was the purpose of my thread.
  12. I’m just trying to get people to talk about fishing
  13. I think Bob use to use a sink tip line to fly fish the canal. i wish when there were fish I experimented more with a sink tip in current situations. i would usually weight the fly with a clear intermediate line. I used full sink lines but felt I lost some feel. a full sink line would get caught on the rocks too.
  14. I was right next to u Bob best shore bound fly fish demo for striped bass I ever saw!