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  1. Found the box, papers, and clamp. Please let me know if you still want it.
  2. Sure I’ll take it. Please PM your Paypal address.
  3. I looked again, but no luck. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the house. I’ll get back to you if I find it.
  4. If you can come up to $385, you have a deal. Otherwise, I’ll just let it ride a little longer. Thanks!
  5. After moving to Florida last year, I went on a couple of boat trips and got schooled on Talica 8. I bought the Talica 12 to put heavier test and more line. However, I found out over time that most of the big catches are sharks, which I really don't like to catch. So now, I am using lighter reels with lighter lines to target snappers. Talica 12II is beautiful, but I don't use it much. I took it out on only 2-3 outings. It has very minor scratches on the side plate and some scruff marks that you can see in the picture. I just spent 15 minutes looking for the box, papers, and the clamp, but couldn't find it. It's spooled with 80 lb Sufix 432 with 80 lb Yo-Zuri Pink Fluoro. It could be 60 lb Fluoro leader, but I'm not 100% sure. I am asking for $420 shipped with insurance. I take Paypal.
  6. I’d like to offer $200 shipped
  7. I became curious and searched for the word “Chinese” on this site. I personally think that most of the forums are fine except for the Town Tavern and Political Graffiti. As long as people know the purpose of those forums (To keep the rest of the site free from politics), I think it’s all good. If you don’t have thick skin, it’s probably best not to poke your head in there
  8. Damn. Wish I didn’t read this thread lol. I already have a few GIS rods, but just got myself an 8 footer tactical surf rod after reading relevant info. Lol, lotta irrelevant and tangent topics on this thread.
  9. Man, so tempted... One of the best reels I own. Price is just right around my threshold and I can’t quite commit to it.
  10. I’ve only been using Seaguar and Yo-Zuri for bottom fishing on boats. I’m interested in how this will compare (seems like their fluorocarbon is fairly new to the market and I couldn’t find too many reviews). I’ll take a 50 lb for $43 shipped if you still have one to sell.
  11. Man, that’s crazy! Never ever had a uni to uni knot fail on me. FG knot and snelled hooks failed on me a few times and that was always due to me not tying a good knot. I recently tied 20 lb to 10 lb braid and only did 7 wraps each. No problems as of yet. Did you cinch it by pulling on each line tightly? Also, can you share a pic of your uni-to-uni knot? It boggles my mind, because uni-to-uni and improved clinch are fool proof for me.
  12. Man, you are doing things that I was curious about at least one time in my fishing career. I appreciate it hahah. I have a TranX 300 (TRX300A) and a Komodo 273 (KDR-273VLX). I retrieve baitcasters/conventionals with my right hand and wanted a decent value reel to practice left hand retrieve so that I can become ambidextrous. Komodo fit the bill. One major benefit of becoming ambidextrous is that I won’t have to cast with my right hand and switch hands to crank with my right hand. Anyway, I was using the Komodo in my backyard and was very impressed with how well it casted a small 3/8 lure. So about 2 weeks ago, I almost bought the KDS-364. Then I thought hard and decided to wait until my TranX reached its end of life. I had sand go in my TranX on a jetty during a windy day. I sent it in for service and they called and let me know that sand damage isn’t usually covered under warranty, but that they would make an exception that time. Anyway it came back as good as new and I’ve been using it without issues so far. Taking on a bottom fishing trip tomorrow. First time she’ll be on an offshore boat lol. How’s Okuma service? If you had to choose one reel between TranX 300 and Komodo 364, which would it be?
  13. Offer retracted on both GoPros. Listing elsewhere. Good luck!
  14. Almost identical question from a recent thread:
  15. I thought about it and decided to offer up GoPro HERO8 as well. $280 shipped. 1 x Camera (No scratches on the lens and the back LCD from what I can see) 4 x Batteries (Newer ones with blue highlight) 2 x Battery chargers 1 x 128 GB Kingston microSD Card. 2 x USB cables (Only one is in the picture but there are two) Or you can take both the 7 and the 8 for $420 shipped if you are gonna rig up your Kayak and set up multiple angles.