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  1. Man, I ruined two of my Certate LT 5000's yesterday. I was an idiot. Both reels were smooth as butter... Until I took them out to a nearby inlet and winched schoolie Crevalle jacks and bluefish all morning. I have one JDM and one US domestic model. I felt one go after a dozen schoolies. I was pissed off, because these are my favorite reels and didn't connect the dots that winching schoolies caused the problem. I switched over to the other Certate and felt that one go after a half dozen schoolies. It suddenly became really geary. I usually don't winch fish onto piers, but I figured I was okay, considering that these were schoolie sized fish. Unless the fish are big, most people on the pier winch the fish up using their spinning gear and I didn't think twice until it hit me. I've also winched up many bigger fish on Stradic FK. Stradic lasted a lot longer than these Certates before becoming geary and having a bit of backplay. Luckily, one of my buddies wants to take one of them at a (big) discount. I'm planning to give him the JDM reel since he said he doesn't care about smoothness too much. I just shipped the US domestic model for service today. It cost me about $20 to ship to west coast. I'll see what the damage to my wallet is when they give me a ring about needing a new gear set. I might be looking at a dedicated pier reel with stainless steel main gear (Penn Slammer IV DX). When I get my Certate back, I'll be much more strategic about where to use it, LOL.
  2. Yup, I agree with that. I canceled the order for X2 150 this morning, because I was reminded of how I had issues with the original X-series (Bailed) when I ordered it as soon as it came out. I'll continue to monitor this thread to see how everything pans out before committing. I've been reminded several times already that being an early adopter on new fishing reels is not a good thing.
  3. Dang. That’s a letdown. Looks like reviews will start trickling in. Thought this one was no bs review.
  4. Oh man. I thought it’d be a clear cut situation for you, and not “Up to the seller.” Lol, I don’t want this pressure hahah. Given the situation, @babanch convinced me and I already committed to making a deal with him a couple of posts up. Otherwise, I probably would have given @Dah seee first dibs. I’ll go with babanch for now.
  5. Okay, then following the rules, I guess you win by technicality? PM on the way.
  6. Do I need to ask one of the mods? It’s a little too grey for me. At this time, it’s not really about the $, lol.
  7. $325 includes shipping. I lowered it from $365 down to $325 just this morning and regretted it lol. $325 shipped to your door.
  8. Whew... $52. I don't think there's room to negotiate the price, since I would be selling the rods at about $140/rod.
  9. Okay, so I think this is the last of the rods I am willing to ship for this year's garage sale. Cost for shipping was on the borderline too much and I decided to bundle two rods together and ship them in a single tube to save $. Shipping will be between $45 and $65 so there's a little bit of wiggle room on the price, depending on your zip code. Rod #1: Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Rod TFX7030CT Rod #2: Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore Rod TFX7040CT Price: $325 The story's the same as others. Each rod was used 1-3 times. These are previous generation rods with cork handle. Surprisingly, I haven't seen anyone use these rods down here in Florida, but I know these rods are popular for bottom fishing up north. I bought them for tautog fishing on party boats. If you are on the fence between 7030 and 7040 for tog fishing, it's your chance to get both!
  10. Payment received and the rod's ready to be dropped off tomorrow. Thank you @hhager23 and SOL! I know I'm going to miss this rod one day, lol.
  11. That's doable. PM on the way.
  12. I was thinking that shipping would be a big problem for non-travel rods, but this one is a two piece and it looks like shipping's not terrible. It will cost $30-45 for shipping, so there's little room to negotiate on the price. I'm the first owner and used the rod only 2-3 times. Not sure if anyone's been following by posts, but that's the trend. I'm selling things that only got used 1-3 times in the last two years. It's a Century Kevlar Nor'Easter KNE1086 C. I paid $480 originally and I'm asking for $290 shipped. It's a beautiful rod, but too much rod for the type of fishing I do these days. Has minor wear and tear. Please take close look at the pictures. I'll ship it in a sturdy TD tube.
  13. Payment received and will be dropping off the package soon. Thank you @bronson and SOL!
  14. Payment received and will drop off the package soon. Thank you @bronson and SOL!
  15. Payment received and on my way to drop off the package. Thanks @xahoidenbbb and SOL!