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  1. Sounds good! I'll PM you the zip code and we'll see if we can work something out. Locked - pending a trade deal.
  2. I am the original owner for both Penn Fathom II Casting Reel (FTHII15SDCS) and St. Croix Legend Surf (LGSC106MHMF2). See pics below. I am looking to trade at this point and we'll just need to be mindful of the shipping costs due to the rod tube for the Legend Surf. Shipping box dimensions: 1. Reel (paid $290): 6" x 10" x 5" @ 2 lbs 2. Rod (paid $560): 3.5" x 97" @ 4 lbs I'm looking for a nice 5k-6k spinning reel, travel rods, titanium pliers, etc in great/mint condition. I'm also looking for fluorocarbon leader 30/50/130 lb. I wrapped the rod with Winn Grip. I would say both rod and reel are in great condition.
  3. I lost two lures back to back while casting 30lb PP (mystery breakoffs). Switched to Sufix 832 and J-Braid x8 and haven’t had breakoffs since. Might have been a bad batch for PP, but I don’t miss it. Might be worth trying different braid. Tight lines!
  4. Not apples to apples comparison, but I sent two reels out for service last month. Shimano Talica 8ii was sent for service because of suspected crushed pinion bearing and it was shipping + $45 initial fee. I’m still waiting to hear from Shimano on final cost. I shipped Okuma Makaira 15T and I’m waiting to hear back on how much they will charge for parts and labor. They said it would take 5 weeks for handle knob repair. Both were out of warranty unfortunately. I guess unless you learn to service your own reels and know where to get parts from, it’ll cost $ and time no matter which brand.
  5. I’ve been slowly transitioning to ball bearing swivels as well.
  6. Yup. Credit goes out to one of the members who is on this site as well. We fish the east coast together. PVC.rod.holder.text.STL
  7. I’m sold. Where should I send the check? I can’t seem to find any information anywhere at the moment about the new reel except for what Joey Antonelli teased in one of his recent videos on YT.
  8. You’d be surprised. There are still nice people out there who like to share 3D design files without trying to make a profit. I asked a buddy for a simple design for PVC end that can hold my spinning reels. If they are good with CAD, it literally takes them minutes to whip something up. With that said, Andrew46, do you have a pic of what you are looking for? If my buddy has a need for gear tube dividers, he might design and share.
  9. Gotcha! Thank you for taking the time to explain. I plan on fishing in other states and countries (Starting with Mexico next year). It’s a reminder that it’s a good idea to research before I go fishing in new territories. Mexico, Alaska, somewhere in Southeast Asia, etc.
  10. Out of curiosity, what’s the use case for braid-to-braid other than for splicing? For splicing, simple uni-to-uni hasn’t failed me yet. But it seems like you are using stronger braid as leader? I’ve only used mono/fluoro/wire leaders, so I’m non-knowing.
  11. Dang, I bought a Shimano PR bobbin recently and that cost $50 (TH-202N). That hurt buying it and failing the first three knots didn’t give me any confidence. Gonna practice more I guess.
  12. I also use this tool and recently watched some FG vs. PR knot videos and saw that PR won most of the time. So I bought a PR bobbin. Failed first 3 PR knots and was able to tie 2 of them “correctly” where it wouldn’t slip. With that said, have you tried PR knots on your braid/mono-fluoro connections? I don’t think it would work braid to braid since it can’t “bite” into the braid.
  13. So I got my reel back after sending it in for service. It took a little more than a month, but I am still extremely happy with the service I got on the reel. It cost $20 shipping + $60 C/L service, but it looks like they replaced the gear set as well. Most importantly, it’s smoooooooth like it was when I first got it. For serviceability at the factory, I would lean on US models over JDMs going forward… Unless I decide to invest in Daiwa service kits.
  14. Man, I ruined two of my Certate LT 5000's yesterday. I was an idiot. Both reels were smooth as butter... Until I took them out to a nearby inlet and winched schoolie Crevalle jacks and bluefish all morning. I have one JDM and one US domestic model. I felt one go after a dozen schoolies. I was pissed off, because these are my favorite reels and didn't connect the dots that winching schoolies caused the problem. I switched over to the other Certate and felt that one go after a half dozen schoolies. It suddenly became really geary. I usually don't winch fish onto piers, but I figured I was okay, considering that these were schoolie sized fish. Unless the fish are big, most people on the pier winch the fish up using their spinning gear and I didn't think twice until it hit me. I've also winched up many bigger fish on Stradic FK. Stradic lasted a lot longer than these Certates before becoming geary and having a bit of backplay. Luckily, one of my buddies wants to take one of them at a (big) discount. I'm planning to give him the JDM reel since he said he doesn't care about smoothness too much. I just shipped the US domestic model for service today. It cost me about $20 to ship to west coast. I'll see what the damage to my wallet is when they give me a ring about needing a new gear set. I might be looking at a dedicated pier reel with stainless steel main gear (Penn Slammer IV DX). When I get my Certate back, I'll be much more strategic about where to use it, LOL.
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