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  1. So it looks like sandfleas are getting bigger. I try to fish in the evening usually with live bait like pinfish or croakers. But now that free bait’s getting big, I was curious how well they work at night time. It’s probably easier to catch them at night, but I feel like they catch more fish during the day... Any positive experiences with using them at night? And what about ghost crabs? They come out at night and I tried a few times but can’t say I caught fish on it. Should I catch them at night and use them during daytime? I will be trying it regardless using 1/0 or 2/0 hooks, but wanted to see if anyone had advice for me. Buying bait gets expensive.
  2. Wow that looks damn good. I think Blacktip would be easiest to harvest since there’s no size limit. I am usually a salt, pepper, and butter guy when it comes to cooking fish, but those recipes are making me try fancier dishes!
  3. Walked into BPS in 2016 not knowing anything. After 1 hour of contemplating and discussions with people working there, walked out with Ugly Stick GX2 combo for fishing at a lake. Skunked badly and started fishing brackish and saltwater. Quickly realized that saltwater was for me. Been upgrading since then and finally sold the GX2 combo reel last week and got me a replacement that will hopefully last me a lifetime. Conventional reels for boat fishing is another topic for me lol.
  4. Less memory on the line? I’d def consider it if there is a good reason or two! Thanks for your input btw.
  5. Yup no 12 CS. Just sent in a request to return the 40 and ordered 15 CS directly from PENN website. 40 was cheaper on Amazon by $80, so that was another reason why I chose it over 15 CS initially. Gonna put Ande 20lb mono and go from there. I have a Daiwa Sealine 50 and can cast without getting a birds nest, but can’t cast as far as I can with spinning gear lol. Hopefully the 15 CS will get me further when I need it.
  6. I would like to see update on this as well. I get it splashed often when I’m wading in the surf. So far so good, but I haven’t opened mine up yet to see if there’s any water trapped in there. I don’t reel under water or submerge it though... Just a lot of splash.
  7. One turn off was the fact that there were complaints about the mag knob digging into the wrist for the CS version, which means I’d have to order couple of parts to get rid of it... Maybe it’ll be worth it.
  8. Damn. I just went back to Amazon to cancel the order after reading this, but it was shipped already. I was contemplating between Fathom II 40 and Fathom II 15 Casting Special, but opted to get the 40 for additional line. I bought the 40 strictly for the surf, to be paired with my 13' Ballistic rod. I have a feeling it's not going to end well.
  9. Just nurse shark and lemon sharks for now, and yea, I will be getting a permit. I actually don't like to target rays and sharks, but it's hard to avoid them when using live bait.
  10. Hahah, yea. Made that mistake already. Took a 5k Stradic and 5k Ballistic to Juno and got spooled left and right with sharks. I was kidding about the Saltiga helping catch lol... Thanks again for the input.
  11. Is it legal to cut the catch on the surf (other than baitfish)? I guess I gotta read the regulations again. I know that some states won't allow you because they need to be able to tell what species it is and how long it is if a game warden has questions about what's in the cooler.
  12. Nice. Thanks for the info... So... Does a Saltiga really help you catch fish on the surf? I want to get a lifetime reel an Saltiga is at the top of my list... I just need some convincing and justification. Looking at 14000 for the surf, pier, and jetty. I'm worried that sand intrusion will cause issues on the surf though.
  13. How do you even find beaches that are open to fish like that? I've been trying, but usually swimmers and surfers are in the way, so I have to yield to them. Either way, thank you for sharing the pics... Pretty amazing. Maybe one day for me.
  14. Newcomer here. I've been catching a lot of sharks and rays from the surf and I always release them. But I was on a party boat recently and saw that people were taking them home (one of them was a Blacktip, I don't know what the others were). Do all sharks (that we can take home) taste similar? I'm 50/50 on trying it... But I guess I won't know unless I try it? I read that it's best to gut it right away and ice it to prevent it from getting too much of the ammonia scent. I guess I'll start with that.
  15. Whoa, very nice! I had one chance this season so far, but my weak snell let go of the hook... How far can you/do you cast? I like spoons 1.5 oz+, because I can sling them far with my setup, but I know I can't sling it that far with swimbaits (wind resistance).