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    who do things the right way. Interested in collecting tackle that’s local to cape cod.
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  1. Bass and yes mackerel
  2. Iv been throwing everything I can at these fish. Eels, Macks, top water, magic swimmers, buck tails, SP the works. Has anyone had any success with Needlefish lures? CC365
  3. I was reading a post about rust prevention and Sandbar1 posted information on upgrading split rings and hooks. How often is this recommended? Once a season?
  4. I’ll take them. PM coming
  5. Angler #1, I just sent you an email. Thanks
  6. Going to try some eels on Friday morning. Have never tried fishing with them, I’m going to buy them Thursday night and hopefully they will last overnight. Any tips on how to keep them alive for 14 hours or so in a bucket? Any bucket anyone recommends? I was just going to use a construction 5 gallon bucket, but maybe something else is out there. Some of the jig heads iv seen aren’t circle hooks, I don’t want to break any rules so how do I work around these jig heads? CC365
  7. Awesome video, thank you.
  8. Hey Bob,

    I have a couple canal bikes, looking for another. Where on here can I post WTB canal bike?

  9. Braid with a mono lead.
  10. Thanks for the tip, I will check out that on YouTube
  11. Spent a a good six hours at the canal today. A light rain pushed people back into their cars between 6am and 7am. Bait fish were in the area but luck for me. Every-time I’m down there I know it’s a learning curve and I expect to lose a jig or plug at some point based on inexperience. I lost a buck tail after fighting to save it for about 20 minutes. A few minutes later I tied up another lead (50 pound mono), angler clip with a swivel of the braid. After about 30 casts with a SP the line snapped and I was down another lure. I don’t think my guide is cracked because I haven’t had an issue with this particular setup all season. I imagine the knot was tied poorly and or the lead was to short. I hope Sunday off the beach brings more luck, either I was fortunate to spend the morning outside. Hopefully others have better luck this weekend.
  12. I paid 10 bucks and I’m fine with that price to own some canal history.
  13. Thanks! I could have used some help today. The ditch did a number on my ego this morning. Bad day fishing beats a good day working.
  14. Thank you! I was worried I got scammed
  15. I recently got into collecting, to me this looks like an Atom 40. Can anyone confirm? The paint job makes me a little nervous, I haven’t seen any look like this before. Thanks