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  1. I just returned from my Niantic get away and although I did't catch anything to write home about, the times I did get out were great. To sum it all up I caught a bunch of snapper blues on surface poppers. They were all over the place. First time catching those fish and it was a blast. I can't imagine the fight in a larger blue fish. Next time I will have my fly rod prepared because small blues on a fly rod will be a good day. 90% of the time I fished the jetty at the east end of the Hole In the Wall Beach and most of the beach area itself. Also took a hike one day to Bluff Point State Park and fished from some of the rocky areas, resulting in no catches. What a nice scenic area. I'm hoping to make the drive back down when the fall run really heats up hoping to catch some stripers. Again, I appreciate the prior feedback from everyone.
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'm hoping to try many of the spots mentioned while I'm in the Niantic area. I'm also considering taking my kayak out on the Niantic river to fish a couple of mornings. Any suggestions on doing that? I generally take my kayak out on the local western MA rivers so not planning on venturing out into the bay. Don't trust myself to do that. Thanks again everyone.
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  4. Long time fresh water angler hoping to get into striper fishing a little more. Absolutely love smallmouths on a fly so with a planned get away to Niantic Labor Day week, I'm hoping to fly fish for stripers. I've seen some feedback from members suggesting locations that general area.....Groton's Bluff Point State Park, Niantic's Cini Park among others. Not too familiar with any of these areas, so any suggestions on where to fly fish? I'd love to try areas like salt ponds, back water areas, etc. Another question I have is the timing of our trip. What should I be targeting that week? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.