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  1. Again, “4x4.” I have an all wheel drive van too, and it has a blue oval and was built in Kansas City. I hope the MB works well for you, but the stock drive systems in these vans are really only meant to give us peace of mind on slippery roads, not off road.
  2. A transit with a Quigley or Quadvan conversion would have been a better choice if off roading is a priority for your van. Going that route would have given you a true 4x4 system vs the MB “engageable all wheel drive” that can only send 33% power to the front wheels.
  3. I have never had anything but positive experiences, rod orders included. I only order in stock items, and they have always shipped the orders the next business day.
  4. Going to close this down until/if I am willing to relist at lower prices.
  5. Yes they are, I should have specified
  6. No thanks
  7. Thanks for the offer, but it is a little lower than I want to take.
  8. I use a 18” or so fluoro leader and always tie it direct to my braid with a double uni, never had any issues.
  9. I picked up a 7’ MH with a 4000 Stradic fl over the winter. Have not used it yet but it seems/ feels nice enough.
  10. Price drop to $50.00
  11. Selling off these top water plugs, none have ever actually been fished, I tend to throw smaller plugs. I would like $15.00 per plug, add $8.00 for shipping per shipment, paypal or money order. Plugs are as follows. 3 x Stillwater Smack it SR plugs black back silver holographic body. Rear hooks all swapped to 3x owner inlines 1 x Stillwater Smack it Sr white body blue head. Rear hook swapped to 3x owner inline 2 x 1.5 oz superstrike littleneck poppers black back silver body (one is new in package) 1 x Musky Mania Lil Doc 1 x Creek Chub Knucklehead. Rear hook swapped to 3x owner inline
  12. I used a “fishing” backpack with two piece rods a lot last year. You can throw your rods and a ton of stuff on your back to free your hands up for anything else.
  13. My thoughts are that you should have said something to them if you really care, complaining about it on the internet accomplishes nothing.
  14. Thanks for the tip, but I found some with the grubs on another site. Shutting this down.