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  1. End of last week they were around Nahant got'em couple hours before high and it's all the stripes were hitting .
  2. It's True My brother is the GM of one of the biggest Toyota dealerships in New England and he had under 100 cars on his lott a couple weeks ago. As for fishing I haven't seen as many 40 + fish as I have in the past but there's always more small fish this time of year and I've only been Skunked twice so its been an ok season.
  3. Ya I saw the ducks diving and coming up with them too . What are they they were likeb4 or 5 inches long.
  4. We tried everything in my tackle box soft rubber top water poppers broke back swimmers ....nothing on any of em must be a ton of bait and they're full so they're not aggressively going after the baits
  5. The fish were there just real finicky I did move to a different area after trolling but it was the same thing bump bump shot run drop it big difference was they were coming back for the Maks .
  6. Went out with a friend Wednesday night around 2 am for the incoming had eels and some worms for the tube in the am. Got a bunch of hits and short runs but no fish all night. Morning came around trolling tube and work and got 3 shorts on the in coming hooked up a sabiki caught a bunch of Mack's then caught 9 more fish we took two and let two other slots go. But the fish are being real finicky ,," bump bump bump pick it up tail slap it then bump again. Had to leave the bail open with my finger holding the line I had to walk the bait into their mouth and I felt like they could feel my drag and I know they couldn't because I was using a 6ft light action ugly stick with an Okuma 45b bait runner these fish were just playing games. Plus The fog was so thick out there all night my GPS went on the fritz but then it cleared up then around 4:00 it rolled back in fast and heavy real heavy was just about yo drop anchor and wait it out cause we stayed out extra hours and was running low on fuel and another fisherman pulled up and we followed him inn. All n all not a bad night.
  7. Lol no Buzzy's a person , you look just like him.
  8. Is this Buzzy ? Beautiful fish by the way.
  9. If you read the law, public rights to private property Mass fish and game has a booklet they hand out. When any property along the shore line or water way is owned or considered private property the public has the right to be there as long as you're fishing. If the cops make you leave anyway call Fish & Game they'll back you up on it. I had a low tide spot in Winthrop it was a canal that ran over some muscle beds and at low tide you cast up river against the tide and just let it float by and you could catch fish all day my biggest fish there was 40 inches but hey thats not bad for a low tide spot. But as long as you're at the water line and your fishing they have to leave you alone. Here's a link..
  10. I used to fish that area there's some good spots over in Anasquam and north beach also the River that runs up by the lobster pound was always a good spot for what today is a keeper.
  11. Lot of porgie and Mack's around might be the preferred meal of the moment . I keep hearing about big fish being around the North Shore so when I get back from bike week I'm going to head out
  12. Big Bass breaking off one of our large public beachs Saturday night I wasn't there but a couple of my friends caught 3 fish but two of them were 45+. Night fishing with live eels.
  13. Ya, allover Seal Harbor in Winthrop also. I'm hitting Winnie a couple more times for Salmon then I'll go full time saltwater,vnot many Salmon this year lot of good size Lakers though.
  14. They run 24 hours a day
  15. Sometimes when I fish off the shore I'll find a legal parking spot as close as I can and I call UBER. It's perfect for Nahant.