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  1. 9' st.croix triumph surf, 1/2‐2.5 I have it, served me well so far.
  2. I don't think anything is wrong with them. I just always thought for casting and constantly retrieving, the paddles would be more comfortable. Then again I only used the 6500 for casting in freshwater, Just as I read your response, I realized, ya know, they are probably pretty good for working plugs. Considering it's only about a 20$ upgrade, it's a pretty accessible option. Just a warning for anyone who has not used an Abu Power Handle. The shaft that the handle slides over, whether it's the power handle or the paddles, is made of brass, and the nut they holds the handle down is quite finely threaded, and is real easy to strip the threads. Also that same shaft is contacted to the reel's primary gear, so it's an expensive part, and you have to pretty much break the whole reel down to replace the part.
  3. I learned how to use a baitcaster with an Abu 6500 c3. Very versatile, easy to maintain, many upgrades available, replacement parts availability, strong enough for most inshore fish. There's a power arm available, but if you're plugging I'd keep the paddles on. They are good value too.
  4. The re-rigged plug does cast much better, though at a loss of the swimming action. The new action is unique, you just have to be more patient with your retrieve. Definitely will give it some more attempts.
  5. It was the only photo of the un-altered plug that was on my phone when I wrote the post. I'm not going argue that using your phone while driving is not unsafe, but I was overly excited about the plugs, wanted to show a buddy, and I can drive well with my knees. Yes, a poor decision. Knew I should have just taken the extra time to download the maker's stock photo.
  6. Add a swivel. Works great.
  7. Boga grips are handy. After securing your leader, lip em with the boga. Then you can safely manage the fish.
  8. I got these gorgeous plugs from Cross Bones Baits. A musky plug builder out of Ohio *. They come salt ready, and are tough as nails. I got a crankbait, which unfortunately won't cast far enough for the surf. It'll be good for large mouths. The glider, called the Pocket D, swims beautifully, a sub-surface walk with just reeling, and darts great when jerked. Just wish it had a little more distance, still an awesome plug. Got home tonight, and rigged it backwards, thinking it should sit in the water the same way, but act like a squid, and cast further. Any one try this? If this works, I'm calling it Cthulu or the kraken. *
  9. @cheech Yeah, I saw someone mention on main feed yesterday, to just try tying a foot of leader to a smaller fast link then to a loop or your teaser. Then snap to the top swivel loop above your main leader. Worked great, only had to unwrap a few times. I'll use the DIY combo swivels for fluke rigs. Thanks for the info about the butterfly knot.
  10. So, I was trying to think of a better way of making a leader with a teaser line, without the dreaded dropper loop. It's a pain to tie and very weak. So I found this swivel by SPRO. It's call the power swivel combo. Just can't justify paying 6$ for 5 of these things. It came to me to just slightly bend the end of one Rosco swivel, and slide it into another Rosco. Then bend it enough so it's locked in place. I used small regular old Channel Lock pliers, the grooves hold it in place. Ideally a fine pair of needle nose pliers would be best to bend back, I used a dart... I used the bent eye to go to the standing line, tied about foot section of 40# fluro to a surgeon's loop, so you can change the fly, to the side ways swivel. Then about 2 feet of 40# fluro for the main leader, ending in a fast link. I read on a post here, that using a heavier leader for the teaser will tangle less. That, however, was for when using only one swivel. I didn't want to go lighter then 40# for my main leader, and 50# starts getting absurd for a small fly. 40# fluro is pretty stiff, and hopefully the sideways swivel will keep it from tangling. Can't wait to try it out today, and I like being able to save some cash, and still use the American made swivel.