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    Connecticut. Most of my fishing is western LIS to Weekapaug.

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  1. I'll take this for 20$.
  2. I'll take the lot for asking.
  3. Is this a sinker, like a needle, or a floater like a pencil?
  4. Check to see of the one you think is a McFadden, uses a screw for the base of the teaser. The McFadden I have does, looks like a similar teaser on yours.
  5. Shutting this down, thanks for all the responses.
  6. 50$ Sounds good.
  7. Bottom 5 for 40$?
  8. Any pics? I'm unfamiliar with that maker. Thanks.
  9. Take 85$ for all of them? Thats 5$ a plug and 10$ to cover the shipping. Thanks Matt
  10. I'd like to try to rebuild a pikie, in 2-3.5 oz range. Pencils are always good.
  11. Deadxringer, what would you want for those?
  12. Looking for used and worn plugs for repainting and rewiring. Plugs that have no fishing life left, but the wood is still decent. I'm only interested in plugs where the builder is known. Don't want to waste time and materials on plugs with unknown performance. Paypal preferred, but I have venmo as well. Thanks!
  13. I'll take lot 2 for the asking price of 33$. Thanks
  14. What's the make of the pencil in lot #2? Is the AH needle the 1.5 oz or the 2oz.?