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  1. I posted only to get some pointers on sources for some feathers. I didn't predict the thread would turn to getting at the heart of certain fly styles and presentation styles. Keep the discussion going. To get back to all the very generous individuals who provided advise, I've been able to find some very reasonable feathers. Poking around various places on the web has led to some economical finds. I'll try to tie up some this weekend and post elsewhere on this forum.
  2. Steve, I greatly appreciate your detailed reply. There's a great amount of info for me to start with there.
  3. New member from the west coast (Oregon) recently bitten by the striper bug. I've just started tying saltwater specific flies. The flatwing style looks gorgeous and has wonderful movement in the water. My question is what type of saddles or necks in particular are you using? Do you have a preference for the super long Eurohackle Whiting style saddles, other long dry fly style saddles? I found a couple lower grade dry fly necks at my local fly shop that have the width that I want. I've ordered a couple Metz magnum saddles to try out. I'd appreciate any input.