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  1. Yeah with recent impacts due to the pandemic the only option of export is through FedEx unfortunately...
  2. I've only gotten customs charges if the declared amount is over 1,000, and sometimes below the declaration limit. Guess it depends on how generous, and what item is being processed through customs. What hob said is true, it's pretty much a roll of the dice on items. I ordered some jewelry items before, no charge, ordered some shoes, and customs was all over it. I know it's not fishing gear, but just shows the variability in what they choose to go after.
  3. Yeah I've actually read about this multiple times as well. Planning to do a treble hook, and split ring upgrade, I believe the required sizes are as followed for the 110's: Hook Types: - VMC Inline #6 or #5 if you want something bigger or - Owner ST-36 #6 or #5 if you want something bigger I've also seen people go as big as #4, as well as adding suspense strips for added weight Split ring size: - size 3 The whole added weight thing makes sense to keep the lure in a lower water column and strike, but haven't seen much review on that sort of modification.
  4. Man, I picked up a few LC's, but the beach I frequent just doesn't have enough decent size perch to bite on em. I've only caught a 14 in slab off the Gulps, but it took a while, and I'm talking weeks lol. Majority of the times they've been dinks...Guess I should just keep throwing em out bound to hit something eventually.
  5. Not reels per se, but I order a ton of stuff from Japan. In my experience, time received will be based on the shipping provider used. E.g. if the seller uses FedEx usually the turn over is about a couple days, as opposed to EMS, Japan post etc.
  6. I did commit one of the cardinal sins of surf fishing, setting the reel down in the sand...Was just too excited, although I'll keep the hat trick in mind! Always tricky to keep to the reel off the sand! Yeah the first couple times as a noobie, my reel took a few dunks. Got a quick lesson in how to do reel maintenance. Gotta admit though, as much as a pain of doing maintenance is, I find it enjoyable. Plus, it's rewarding to have the reel go from grinding like a pepper grinder to smooth as butter again. Until it takes another dunk at least, hah!
  7. Can't believe how shallow of waters these things strike in! Caught my PB (14 in 2 lbs 2 oz) in low tide after months of catching dinks. Was literally in an ankle deep water! Guess with the bigger ones they hook themselves/no hook set needed? I'm a noobie and still trying to figure it out! Tight lines out there gents!
  8. Hello fellow Green Horn! I'm a bit further south from you, (Santa Cruz) but I can share a bit of what I've learned/discovered! Light Tackle perching is definitely in my experience a thrill, but sometimes ya gotta work with what you're given! Tackle: - Size 4 Bait holders, (try to get the straight shank if you can, no harm no foul if you can't) - 2 inch Gulp Camo Sandworms - hi - lol rig with three hooks, restrictions if you're below Point Conception The best advice is to read the basics of wave structure, and visit your local beach. Head out a couple times and try to "test the waters", with your newfound knowledge. Just try to fish anything that looks different to the left, right, or directly in it: breakers, stained water, rip currents, troughs, etc. But the basics are cast as far as you can behind the structure, and reel slowly to find your strike zone. Then try to reel as slowly as possible to keep your bait in the strike. Sometimes you gotta walk down a few yards to the next structure if you haven't gotten bites within a few cast. Other notables: - size 6/8 bait holders - circle hook variants if using sand crabs - Sand crabs are good as well: free, and cheap - lucky craft 110/calissa lures Tight lines out there, let me know if I can clarify anything for you! I'm just a noob, but this is what I've learned in the past couple months!
  9. Newbie here! Is it possible to get spooled on fairly large surf perch? I was out targeting perch, and my line was flying off! I made some newbie mistakes and tried the horse him in with just the reel...and ended up with the fish unhooking itself.
  10. Been using the 2 inch Gulps, but yeah that's definitely it. They keep ripping off the tails, while the hook is a bit further up out of reach. Any changes/modifications that come to mind,? Or is that just the name of the game when fishing for surf perch? *Attached a photo of the hook I was using, as well as the end results in regards to getting the tails ripped off Thanks!
  11. Hey all! Green horn here at Surf Fishing on the left coast. Looking for some advice on hook setting with surf perch. I'll get some massive strikes while using camo sandworms, but when I go to set the hook I find that I just pull the bait away. If I try to leave the bait without setting, my lure ends up stripped...should I try to set on big strikes? Or is this an issue with the hooks Im using? Been using Gamakatsu size 4 Bait holders. Looking to hearing what you guys have learned, thanks!