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  1. Nothing has changed they still ruin tents, raid unattended coolers, go into open truck tailgates, etc. Gotta be aware of your surroundings at campgrounds, mostly Bayside. They just come in and do as they please so if you are cooking and got stuff out, they just move in and will check it out. Speaking of horses taking clothes, I had a horse take my waders once, ended up flinging them 10 feet away after chewing on them for a few seconds. At the campground. Some great stories here guys.
  2. Same happen to me. Got it on video too. Horses in full run down water line, dog starts barking, I turn arond to see 6 or 7 horses coming at us. They stopped when they got real close, a few went in front and some behind us and they kept going south. 15-30 min later, they came north past us again. This time the alpha came walking right at me and my suburban, right straight at me. He was letting me know he was in charge, no mistake about that. Came so close I had to get between truck and cargo carrier in back. He was 10 feet away just looking at me for long enough to get the point across. A mean horse. It was pretty intense. What a memory though.
  3. I was told on Md side the horses, not ponies, came from a guy who owned them and kept them at state park. Was gonna get sued by Md due to horses causing trouble, so nps agreed to take them (for advertising purposes to draw visitors to assateague). Allen knows the details. No idea about Va. horses. I
  4. Yea, its about 3 miles, 145 trucks. No thanks. Outrageous they get all of our money from osv passes and for the summer visitors they close 75% of our beach. I should shut up, don't want to get Possum going on this one.
  5. Hate to hear stuff like this. Total BS. I'm always interested in how the public trust doctrine applies to situations like this in different areas. No idea about DE laws on that. I researced Va laws quite a bit when Nature conservancy said they had ownership of below hight tide line on barrier islands....they cant own the beach. Its a public trust basically. Beach and any wet sand are all of ours to access, not private beaches favoring a few homeowners or others. Not theirs to take. Good luck.
  6. Some of you may remember this little kid who fished in green frog boots... Well, he just graduated from VCU!! Very proud of my son.They grow up quick. Hoping we get more time to fish again now that he's done with school. Already talking about red drum this fall.
  7. Did not know they finalized option 3 in July 2021. Found the final decision docs. Thanks. Took forever.
  8. Did nps decide on a final plan? If so I missed that. It was delayed so many years, sort of forgot about it.
  9. Great photos guys. Good times for sure. Miss those days and the fishing friends we have lost or that just don't fish anymore.
  10. I want to buy the #1 reel. Dibs. Thanks.
  11. Go to the campground/ranger office on the right once you enter the fee area where the pay booths are. At the office its a walk up window now for everything, building closed to public. Go online to the nps assateague site and you can prefill and print out your osv application to give them. Faster that way. It's pretty easy really.
  12. I think that is fine. I love fires in cold weather, just not huge ones, little ones below sand level. What is not ok to me is driving at night with high beams on and coming right by my truck for no good reason. Or lighting up the beach like it's noon for your personal pleasure ride at 3am. I see guys with lanters at night, no need for that either in my opinion. I fished an area with a ledge this fall, hooked up, real dark out, alone. Used headlamp to see my line at rod tip and then I mistakenly looked down, 100% sure fish was just in front of me, the light spooked it and next thing I know it came unbuttoned. Stupid me.
  13. I released a tagged drum at assateague years ago that was tagged at Avon Pier, NC. At the time it was one of the most northern tagged returns they had, so said the researcher I spoke with. I often wonder about recent drum tagging data, would love to see some.
  14. Great season you had there linesider, nice photos. I love the sunrise red photo.