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  1. So sorry to hear this. I met Mike through Gil a long time ago. Always enjoyed seeing him on the beach. Condolences to his family. Story to share, Mike was with me for my PB striper, will never forget that. We fished all night with Gil. Gil crashed at some point. We started getting fish at sunrise. Could not get Gil up. He missed my fish, 49" fat fish. Mike and I busted on Gil pretty hard about that and had a good time with it. Was a fun night.
  2. Thats horrible. Too young. Condolences to his family and his friends. I liked Fulton, he was a nice guy. A really good fisherman as others have said. Sad news.
  3. That notice says no offset circle hooks. I really don't use them but will limit hook options for sure. My experience is more gut hooks with an offset so I don't use them. Thanks for the heads up Tom. Of course, need stripers in the water to catch em, something AI lacks anymore it seems.
  4. Awesome fish, nice 1st big drum.
  5. Side note, I think it is illegal to remove sand fleas from the beach at AI. Don't remember where I heard that but think it is correct.
  6. Fish at night, hope for rain. Hope to see you guys this year.
  7. Wheeler, did you know that drones are illegal at Assateague, and all national parks? I myself personally dont want to see drones flying around at AI. May not want to post video of yourself flying a drone.
  8. This may be useful info. I caught a tagged drum in September of 2006 and it was tagged off the avon pier the previous November. I was told that we have a stock of fish that come to our area and they migrate south to the obx in the fall, then offshore with the other stock that says south. The fish we catch are likely the same that are caught in Sandbridge and Avon, etc. as they move south. Then in the spring the northern fish return to the Bay area and north, like the barrier islands in May and June, then again in the fall they show up again, they spawn inshore and near inlets in the fall. I was told that we do get the larger fish for reasons OC stated that Plug said. I looked for the picture of the tagged drum but it is on another hard drive and I am not looking for it. Allen can maybe post a photo. I believe that was actually the first day I met Earl if I recall correctly, I think he pulled up as I caught the fish. Allen you can correct me on that because you were there with me. https://www.asmfc.org/uploads/file/58b5c1eaRedDrumAssessmentOverview_Feb2017.pdf Have not looked recently but there is some info out there on red drum stocks and probably more info on recent data from the tagging programs.
  9. Nice job Marcus. Good for you.
  10. I applaud your effort here but if you are basing all of this on the reports posted on SOL then I cannot fathom how that would be accurate. People catch fish and do not report any of it. While some reports are no doubt true and honest, the amount of data used is so small I just don't see how you can glean any correlations from this. Drum are caught in different conditions and it is common knowledge that before a storm you can get into some big drum, my personal best was just before a huge storm rolled through. There are so many variables and to me the ones that you have control over are what you worry about, such as having good knots, retie as needed, good fresh bait, time with bait in the water, choosing good structure to fish. Being on the beach and making friends and hearing the real scoop from those out there helps immensely. Easterly winds have been good for me and I usually feel that any E or S in the wind is generally favorable and is better than NW (unless looking for extra distance) or a N wind. I think that having good bait and putting in time on the beach is the biggest factor along with good gear and knots, everything else is out of our control so just go out and enjoy yourself and good things will happen. I do wish you luck and like your enthusiasm. Maybe looking into tackle shop reports on the eastern shore and maybe down to Sandbridge, Va. would give you a better picture of when people catch the bigger drum.
  11. Oh my gosh, very sad news. I met Bill a long time ago through Allen and always enjoyed speaking to him when we crossed paths on the beach. One of the nicest people you will every meet. My condolences to his family and all of his friends. The true Mr. Assateague, that is for sure.
  12. Just saw this. Very said news. I am stunned, was not expecting to see something like this today. I always enjoyed seeing and speaking to Earl. Had the pleasure of getting to know him over the years, we enjoyed some gin together on numerous occasions. I remember first meeting Earl, Allen and I commented on how Earl did not get super excited about me catching a drum, which indicated to us that he had caught his fair share of drum. Others usually freak out when they see the drum, Earl did not. He was laid back and mellow. Our friendship started that day, which I am grateful for. As others have said, the beach will not be the same without Earl. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends that knew him better than I. Erik, if you hear anything about a service please let me/us know. Earl did not live that far from me in Va. Dennis
  13. That almost sounds like an invitation to breakfast CJ. I was telling my wife this morning about the breakfast you cooked a few years back that was phenomenal. Hope to see you at some point. I am buried in work for another week or so. Congrats Possum on the fish. Nice one.
  14. While I am no expert i have had the privilege of fishing the Va. barrier islands in a few different areas on the Eastern Shore. You won't be driving the beach to fish on the Eastern Shore because there is essentially no access, you need a boat to get to the islands. Something like a 19-foot Carolina Skiff or something a little bigger is probably ideal especially if you're going to venture outside any of the inlets. Shallow-draft is very important in my opinion because it gets real skinny especially at low tide on the backside of the islands. Numerous locations are owned by The Nature Conservancy are technically off-limits, so you would want to check into that as well. It's a beautiful area and the fishing at times can be great and offers a large variety of species to target throughout the year. I can't help with real estate locations as I dont live there. Good luck, you wont regret the move in my opinion. Lastly, two words....red drum.
  15. ​Good to see you Steve. Glad we got time to fish together. Thanks again for the rod and the weighted practice balls. And thanks to Jeff for the casting lesson with that conventional rod and explaining the fathom reel to me. Short trip but I got to see some friends and had a nice day on the beach Wed.