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  1. My neighbor has 2 condos in NPB on the Earman river that he rents out. I'll try to catch him, before he goes out of town this weekend, and ask him what his pet policy is. I'm pretty sure he doesn't allow horses:)
  2. These gals will never be poor
  3. Hell, I skipped the first one
  4. In Florida, we anchor at shallow reefs and chum. Once they get close-- hoop net, castnet or a small hook with a small piece of squid. I don't know if this applies up nawth.
  5. No racism there. By today's standards, she should lose her job and be deported to Mexico.
  6. Another coconut lover. I quit giving them to her because she would swallow some husk and have an upset stomach.
  7. Everything is going up in price. Hang on, we're in for a bumpy ride.
  8. That and owning 4 homes doesn't exactly fit in with the marxist preaching
  9. They're good on a saltine cracker with a little hot sauce
  10. Looking for lizards
  11. Back to the subject. The French are pacifist p*ssies. It will be a take over without a fight.
  12. Maybe the contestant is a member of the Van Buren gang