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  1. Finally pulled the trigger and got the ODM 9fter (med mod) paired with a slammer 4500 casts like a dream can hold it all day without fatigue banged couple fluke and some smaller blues so far and has a nice backbone too it. Waitin for the kids to goto bed and get some bass!!
  2. Ty for your help goin to check out the ODMs now
  3. Is the ODM a moderate-slow action rod??
  4. Ty for ur help I’m very particular when it comes to my gear. This is my exact preference as well.
  5. That’s gorgeous
  6. I was goin to pair mine up with a vs 150 but I’m gonna do a slammer 3500 or 4500 gonna see how they feel first
  7. Ty for your help that’s exactly what I’m throwing I know a lotta peep have said ODM rods are great but I’ve never used 1
  8. Hi guys new to site. Was in the market for a new setup and was bout to pull the trigger on the lami gsb 1081L when the salesman told me to hold off and try the ODM 9fter. Any advice I’d appreciate it. Ty
  9. My apologies but I seem to be having an issue replying to a lot of peeps post regarding gear
  10. Ty for the great info. I’m in the market for a 9ft lami 1321m and I wanted to pair it with a vs150 but can’t see spending that much on a reel. Can anyone recommend a very good reel probably a 4-5000 size. *
  11. I am in the market for a lami 1321m 9ft wanted to pair it with a vs 150 but cannot really afford to spend that much on the reel. Any suggestions? I fish strictly on the south shore