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  1. Pretty much as the title says, I'm looking to purchase one of these rods to pair with a Tranx 400a throwing swimbaits and jigs for snook and tarpon around structure. I don't mind the price difference between these two rods, but the legend tournament is backordered everywhere I've checked. Is it worth waiting to find one in stock? I would also consider a Phenix black diamond hybrid 15-40, but would probably be more expensive to build one of them than to just stick to the St.Croix's offerings. I own two lighter avid inshore spinning rods already and like them a lot.
  2. If you've already narrowed your search down to the Tranx and Lexa you aren't going to go wrong. I would base my decision on how much I care about weight. Tranx 300 and Lexa 300 are very similar in weight, but the Lexa is considerably more bulky and heavy in the 400 size. If weight is a concern, Tranx 400 and Lexa 300.
  3. Shimano makes some 8' JDM rods in that lure range. No clue if there are cheaper options, just know that's a thing over there. Look at the specs at some of them like the Lumanis. Rods
  4. I currently own a Tranx200 and have been in the market for a 300/400 size Tranx or Lexa for awhile now too. From what I've read is the Tranx casts a bit better and is a little smalle/lighter. The Tranx 400 is the same size as the 300 just a little wider to accommodate the wider spool. They even have the same drag rating in respect to their gear ratios. If size, castability, and weight are a concern, the Tranx seems to be the best choice. Judging by the pictures posted above, the Lexa looks like the beefy option.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Gambler EZ swim baits in all sizes, very popular bait in my area.
  6. FG knots don’t fail me, but I won’t tie a leader for bass anymore just because I don’t think it’s necessary if using a low vis braid already. Sometimes if I’m starting to doubt myself, I’ll hit the line with a black sharpie to break up the color of the line instead. Probably doesn’t change a thing but confidence in your presentation always helps.
  7. I fish during the night a lot in the summer time. I like to go with larger lures and darker colors. Black jig with a rage craw or lobster worked slowly on the bottom. Big black worm like the Zoom Ol Monster, Magnum Ol Monster, or 10” Power Worm. Waking or slow rolling a dark Gambler Big EZ is another good one for me.
  8. Most reels in that price range tend to have a shorter service life, and somewhat disposable. That's not to say, you can't find a good reel in that price range brand new, but I'd look for a sale, or consider buying something gently used. A lightly used Shimano Citica for example could be had in or near that price range and will last you quite awhile in fresh water. If you are set on buying something new, I have friends who like their Abu Garcia Silver/Black Max reels. Some Lews reels can be had pretty cheap online away from the typical retailers.