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  1. Wow sweet paint jobs. Sounds like I have to experiment. I’ve got some mineral oil to start. Thanks for the info. The visuals really help.
  2. Makes sense because of the cohesion and density of mercury. Basically turns it into an sp minnow type cast because the “ball” of mercury stays in the back for the cast. But the merc I saw for sale online after a very brief search was crazy expensive. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.
  3. With mercury that makes sense. Where do you get mercury?
  4. If 10 CCs of water is standard for the 7 inch RF (that’s about 10 grams), then maybe 5 CCs/grams for the 5 inch?
  5. What is the commercial product you’re using now?
  6. Who uses that Bomber with a tail? Looks awesome. Does it work? What type of locations/conditions?
  7. Casting egg definitely something I want to try too. Is it effective? I assume so if you use it. No idea what to throw on it. Small sluggos? Streamers? Same teasers I’d use on tins in surf? Suggestions, please.
  8. 4-5 inch paddle tails on 3/8-1/2 oz jig head and swimmers like SP, hydro minnow, mag darter have been my go to since I started fishing same areas as you last few years. This year gonna try more sluggos, sinking SS little neck popper (had a really large fish break me off in fall on this swimming it slowly at night. Still haunts me), metal lips, glide baits and even darters. Going to try to target larger fish. Intrigued also by the idea of using lightest SS needle. My idea is trying to cast out further during lower water with stuff I can keep on or near the surface. Have a great season!
  9. Nice stuff!
  10. Not true. Single hooks pin fish better than trebles and there’s no reason to lose a fish if you maintain pressure. Stipers are not tarpon
  11. Great info. I gotta get me one and learn how to fish it. Thanks.
  12. Beautiful plug. What kind of water depth do you fish that in?
  13. Sounds like you’re very informed already. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  14. Let’s also not forget that it’s a fairy tale.
  15. Hit that rehab hard!