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  6. LL Bean will take anything back. They are the best It could have 50 holes in it. They will take it back and send you a new one right away
  7. Stoker is probably right. As I said I only used it once last week but I was launching 1 oz bucktails and 2 oz Kastmasters withe ease and mad distance. When I threw a 3oz just to see it worked but you could tell the rod was loading a little heavy. It still works well but 3oz is the max definitely. A great rod for Storms, bombers, and bucktails
  8. Nope That rod is at my friend's house who lives on the South Shore. This was one (same model) that I bought for my cousin two months ago for his birthday after I got such great feedback when I made that post. The one I am selling is the brand new one, the other one is used. He wanted a bigger rod to throw bait, so I bought him a larger rod. I told him Id sell the Fenwick on the website. It is an awesome rod. I just used my other one for the first time this week. Real nice action
  9. This filesize limits that TimS imposes are low so the pics might be a little fuzzy
  10. Last year I really focused on using bucktails I tried Pork, Worms, curltails, everything as trailers, but no luck. I hammered bass on a variety of tins, poppers, swimmers, and even live bait, but not one on a bucktail. What is the best technique for bucktails? Some people I spoke to said to reel slow with twitches and bounce along the bottom. Others said to reel fast and keep them on the top of the water column. Now I realize that there are different conditions and different ways to fish bucktails in those conditions, but I am making a concious effort to fish bucktails as much as possible this year and I need your expertise You guys have been so helpful. Dave
  11. Ill post em tomorrow My camera's batteries are charging
  12.,00.html Here is the article with pics of the lures
  13. Never used Bombers before and I am going to start this year. I fish from the surf, rarely a jetty. How do you fish these things? Are they better at night? Do you launch it as far as you can and reel slow to keep them on the top of the water column or reel quicker to get them down lower I assume you dont use them when it is windy because they will blow right back in your face Please get me some info . Im going for the first time this season on Saturday