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  1. Got that done already didn't fish without it. as for my joke..... "A man walks into a zoo. Theres only one animal in the entire zoo and it's a dog. It's a Shitzu!"
  2. Well as far as conservation goes we are all catch and release so what we catch goes back. Also we just picked up a few surf baskets and and just learning our way around them. Definitely a change of pace and takes some getting used to. Over my right shoulder is a bay that flows out into the great South Bay. Moves pretty good on an outbound tide but we've never had a single bite there. All the fish I've caught at this spot have been the last couple hours of the incoming high tide. Going to try and give it another shot tomorrow and see what happens.
  3. You guys are an enormous help, I can't thank you enough. As far as Camp Site goes, I've already been in there about 12 times in the last three weeks haha. I will check out some more on the south side of the island. I think we are going to go back to Moriches tomorrow and see what we can kick up.
  4. We are in Huntington Station but are not afraid of a drive if the fishing is good. Obviously we'd love to find some places close so we can go after work etc. That being said if it's a weekend and the fish are there we will be too We have tried Centerport beach (about 20 mins from us) twice now to no avail other than some fluke on a Clouser So far Moriches has been the best but inconsistent to say the least. Lot of driving for only two good days
  5. Hi, First post here, my wife and I just moved from Oregon to Long Island (for work) and we are hardcore fly fisherman but have really only fished for Trout being from Oregon. We are now getting the striper fever and want to chase them bad. We tie our own flys and have plenty of gear but our question is more where to go. We did some fishing in Moriches and my first landed fish was a 22-24" striper. Next weekend I caught four in quick order but all were 12-16". I know its a little late in the season before fall but is there anywhere to go and still catch stripers this time of year? I'm still trying to put her on her first salt fish and it doesn't matter what size. Any help would be insanely appreciated and I'm not trying to steal anyone's spot or anything but I just want her to catch her first striper. Thank you in advance! We have plenty of gear just need to know where to go! Asquith 8wt x 2 w/Nautilus CCFX2 x 2 Asquith 10wt x 2 w/Nautilus CCFX2 x 2 Asquith 11wt x 2 w/Nautilus CCFX2 and Nautilus GTFX