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  1. Yep, I've def been lacking the network. I'm just blind casting constantly, hoping to get lucky. I can't be all places at once! I'll get to work on #2!!
  2. Looks like Rossi Rd is in trouble. Hope everyone's safe out there!
  3. Umm, no it's not. Unless you we're reeling against the drag that you forgot to set it. The record perch is like 4.5lbs
  4. Considering I'm usually riding solo i might be better off leaving them at home! It would be cool to see some jumpers for the first time tho...
  5. I guess so! I've been on the hunt for years, just seems extra dead lately. Guess I'll just stick with the salmon (leave the tuna for GF Slayer) haha
  6. The Ron Jeremy of wood plugs, I like it!
  7. I think you're good, those may have just been reeeeally tiny perch, which is very common.. The bigger ones should have no problem with the presentation you have. I use 1/2-1oz egg sinker with light mono (~10lbs) or braid to light mono. I use the Lamiglas steelhead rod with a max lure weight of like an 1oz. I don't use the heavier weights and let the bait sit there like some guys do, I like to stay reeling and moving. *
  8. My experience is you only need about 1-2" of the gulp sandworm for perch. Are you using the large size by chance? If so, they're probably just biting at the tail end of your worm. Your hooks are fine, so that's my prediction.
  9. Smdh, I think I'm confusing my plug builders. My bad guys, off to a rough start...I'll do better!
  10. Thanks guys. Ill try to get some of those. I actually met you (Mike) at the last Hat Fling, but it was my first one, and I didn't bring enough dough, doh! Someday...
  11. More importantly, who lives in SF Bay Area and can get me some? PM me, no seriously. Or maybe I'll get banned first, idk, just got here, sorry in advance.
  12. I'm looking to buy my first couple (probably 2) Fixter plugs for the surf 1) Options for getting a hold of them? 2) Which 2 plugs would be the go-to for out front (between SF & HMB) and under 2.5 oz? I'm located in Pacifica. Thanks.