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  1. Can you please post some pictures.
  2. Thanks but will pass.
  3. Thanks but will pass.
  4. Looking for a 9 foot rod. I want something that is rated around 3/4oz to 2oz. That can be ship out to me. I will pay for shipping. I want to stay under $150.
  5. *
  6. If you ever change your mind about spitting the combo, I will buy the rod from you.
  7. I recommend the new Diawa BG MQ 6000 at the price range
  8. Looking for a CTS blank (vaportrail, S8) 13 foot long. Rate 2-4oz or 3-6
  9. Ok, sounds good.
  10. You can’t do $275?
  11. 74128 Tulsa,Oklahoma
  12. Would you ship??
  13. I been looking to get a new surf rod. I been looking at the ODM frontier X 11'6 (2-6oz) factory build but I don't have any experience with ODM rods. My second option is spending some extra cash and getting a custom CTS Vapor Trail. I want get some feedback on both rods before I make a decision.
  14. Thank you everyone for your input. I would definitely be looking into all of y’all’s recommendations.