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  1. Looking to buy a cts vapor trail rod. Looking for a 12 or 13 foot long rod. 3-8oz range
  2. Would you take 375?
  3. Thanks, for the deal!
  4. Supreme bags are good to start off with.
  5. Simms G3
  6. It’s above your price range but TFO GIS life warranty on the rod too.
  7. Tire rack
  8. Diawa BG best reel you can get for that price range
  9. I have a St Croix mojo bass 7’11 great rod overall, thats closest to the length you want. I would recommend to take look at it.
  10. I recommend the TFO GIS surf rod 9 foot. It’s light weight and great rod overall.
  11. How much did cost to get it build?
  12. Recommend the Tacoma, great reliable truck. Holds its value whenever you want it sell it.