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  1. I’ve been looking to acquire the century surf machine elite 12 3/4-5oz but never had a century rod. I was wondering how does it compare to a CTS vapor trail or a Odm frontier X. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  2. Only if shipping was possible. I would buy this in a heartbeat.
  3. I will take the CTS baycaster ship to 74128 for 330 PayPal. If you want to sell it. Thanks
  4. Ok sounds good. I had rods ship to me before price wasn’t too much. USPS would be the cheapest option.
  5. If the CTS baycaster still available on Saturday, I would like to offer 330 ship to 74128. Thanks
  6. Yes sir they make good quality rods. I have the genesis and frontier x love them both. Just been wanting to get my hands on a evolution.
  7. I been wanting to get my hands on an evolution blank. Big problem is I’m in Oklahoma… I would want a 9 foot blank but won’t mind the 8 foot blank. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  8. I have the 5000, great reel! Smooth as butter. Have abused the reel has not let me down yet.
  9. I’m in, Thank you. Happy New Years!
  10. Appreciate it everyone’s input! For price range I want stay $200-$500.
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