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  1. I have this big rock lures it’s beat up and a few spots too the wood what can I do for an easy fix to keep it sealed , like a spray paint clear coat ? Thanks !!!
  2. I support catch and release
  3. i know this is a long shot but does anyone have any advice on taking pictures quick and effectively while fishing by yourself . fish alone 99% any fish that aren't worth taking pictures of i instantly release. with all these catch and release tournaments now, when i catch a trophy fish i would love to capture a memory. any tips on cameras or tips on how anyone else gets there shot done fast to make sure the fish isnt out the water long.
  4. Trying to phase out split rings bcuz they are a hassle to put on all my lures , I’ve read a lot about cutting hook and that they are stronger than using split rings ?! i plan on using cut hooks on lures that are through wires with swivels and I’ll use split rings with lure that have just hook hangers. Any input on personal experiences ?
  5. Has anyone experimented with using live eels with circle hooks and what size do you prefer ? Also making rigged eels with circle hooks ? How affective will this strategy still be and has anyone tried it ?
  6. Got my hands on one of these can’t wait to fish it
  7. Parted ways with these two beauties
  8. Thanks in advance it’s driving me crazy I can’t figure it out !!!