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  1. Light soapy water for rods and waders. Lures I never bother cleaning only need to change hooks on them. Penn reel oil and grease is sufficient enough for your Fierce 3. Penns are very easy to take apart just make sure to have the schematics open on your computer and laptop as you take it apart to make sure everything is in place. I usually just clean off the gears with alcohol and reassemble them with the same amount of grease the factory put in. If you're stuck then there are plenty of youtube videos that go over taking apart Penn reels or you can just watch scooby / tackleadvisor and just repeat his steps backwards when it comes to assembly.
  2. WE2 is already an idiot magnet, to begin with. Can't imagine the clown fiesta that would happen if they opened up 4WD access there. You'd have constant blockages with guys who don't air down and guys who think it's ok to drive their minivans onto the beach with their 8 kids stuffed into the trunk.
  3. Just ship it to Shimano they have a good turnaround time with their reel service especially now that they have a site in North Carolina. Not much more expensive than having it done at a local shop.
  4. Are you able to get from Field 2 to Demo and back with your E-Bike? Was thinking of pulling the plug on one so I don't have to keep hitchhiking on my buddy's truck. I swear I saw someone do that one night but wasn't sure. The manufacturers claim a 40-mile range but I've heard from some people that they burn through the battery riding in soft sand after one mile. Don't want to be the idiot walking his bike back if I parked at Field 2 and rode out to demo.
  5. It's open as of tonight. Birds have moved off the beach.
  6. The only thing that's exciting for me is the 5500 BLS model which fills in that midrange bail-less reel market which only the SaltX does right now. Found that the 4500 BLS and the 6500 BLS on the spinfishers were either too small or large respectively for a 10-foot rod. I hope they did something with the rotor spinning during a cast and catching line causing you to lose lures. The better-sealed drag and ball bearing support for the spool are also nice.
  7. I wear a surf belt even in the summer when I fish for pelagics and fluke off of the beach. It's just a lot more convenient to have Boga/pliers on the belt and have a water bottle holder that's on the bag especially in the summer. You don't want to be swinging the bag around your belt trying to grab your boga or pliers while trying to unhook a fish in addition to holding a rod trying to keep tension on the line. Have the boga/pliers on the side of the belt that you reel with so that you can pull fish in with your other arm and reach for your tools on your belt with the arm you reel with.
  8. Forgot to update this. But Sold to Reel Deely. Thanks SOL.
  9. Check the bushing in the line roller. Make sure thats cleaned and oiled. If it freely spins but has issues under load its often the line roller.
  10. As of now not yet. Something I'm looking into later on.
  11. Sending PM.
  12. or make addons so the tubes hold jigs better. Saves you a pretty penny. Curious as to why you ask this. Trying for the elusive 150 yard off the beach tuna with jigs?
  13. I live in little neck but I'm in oceanside for the weekends. If you're available tomorrow morning we can meet somewhere I'll drop em off.
  14. Nah just this size. Bezos sent me a pack instead of one so I'm selling some off.