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  1. Looking for a zeebaas zx22 . Let me know what you have.
  2. I did not sell the reel . I received multiple pms once I posted a picture of the reel on a group. I then decided maybe I will entertain offers ? I am not sure what the issue is here.
  3. well said
  4. I will take them both . Check pm
  5. Pm me your PayPal
  6. Ok I will take it for that.
  7. How much would you like for it ?
  8. Looking for lefty vs ! Lmk what you have and how much $$$
  9. Pm sent
  10. I will go 415 shipped . lmk
  11. Respectfully offer 400 shipped to 11963
  12. Brand new in box never used I picked this up for my collection but decided I would rather see someone use it. Brand new. $490 firm shipped to you
  13. Yea I still have it firm on price
  14. I will take it pending pictures . Thank you
  15. Wtb brand new or absolutely mint vr150 b
  16. I will buy it . Let me know
  17. Looking for a Stella , saltiga, or a twin power 5000
  18. Price ? Pics ? What year is it
  19. Wtb vsx150 or bailed 150 new condition
  20. Wtb zx22 or 25 lmk what you have !
  21. Looking to buy a bailed 150 . Lmk what you have!!
  22. Pm sent
  23. Respectfully offer $325 shipped to 11963
  24. I believe this ones made in China ? Can u confirm