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  1. If you have no debt - and am only 58 how much does one need to retire? Biggest obstical I see is health care -- just wondering Tper
  2. Is it open yet??? Tper
  3. So 24hrs after shot 2 and no symptoms very strange but very happy... Tper
  4. Will keep you posted going to do it have planned work from home day Not a baby but sooooooooooooo sick of the covid feeling .....
  5. Well planning work from home day next Wed -- of course I will do it came this far but that feeling again will suck.... Must fish now Tper
  6. I had covid - was bad but did not have fever or aches and pains - headache and fogg was it --- After first shot I was crushed with all symtoms but I never lost taste or smell Second shot is next week and I am not looking forward to this __it again -- Has anyone had back reactions to the first shot? Monderna Input appreciated
  7. Tailslap - thanks for the informative input Tper
  8. used these on 2 sets of hip waders worked like a champ but worked their way through by end of year -- both pairs are now ruined... Has anyone had the same issue.... Love them but !!! Thanks for any input
  9. bump to top as I have gone many times and these pics are not close to what happens -- The boner garage lady does the wet tee shirt contest every hour or so YIKES..... looks like she has gained weight which in a way is good as I thought she was the walking dead 2 years ago -- and don't wish that on anyone -- Tper
  10. NIO good earnings I thought and down in after market - -might need to double down Tper
  11. you dont know SH_T F__K - I think is my favorite line Or was is it F__K Sh__t either way funny Tper
  12. Would be great chum Tper
  13. Yeap Plano 80 lbs of lead - need all colors and weights -- argh getting heavier every year or I am getting older Tper
  14. Wife and just got over it -- sucked -- tired - headache - running nose -- never lost smell or taste -- wife ended up with sinus infection to add insult to this crap -- an we don't go out? Good luck all
  15. I have always wondered why I see 20 to 1 does to bucks -- Do deer give birth to more females yearly or are do that many yearling bucks get taken as does? Just curious if anyone knows or experiences the same Tper