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  1. Any other reviews before I waste my time? Tper
  2. Steve was a great man with a big heart... SIM always think of you on the east end. Tper
  3. Just checked wifey has some submitted not sure how much yet but I will take it... Thanks for sharing Tper
  4. My lady of the night "friend" was saying she Cu-t make an honest living.
  5. So agree wifey checked out already - -I will continue as we need the INS every year you take you have earned...
  6. NOw that is good advise... I am thanking larger one as I can get for 850 new in box build myself.. And hope I never need it
  7. Can get great deal on either the Ariens deluxe 28 ST28DLE and the Classic 24 new at like 1/2 price friends biz closeout. My question as I live in coastal and only see major storm once in a while is the Deluxe 28 to big a machine. Do have 2 long driveways but most storms are 2-4 ish. Wondering thoughts thanks for insite Tper
  8. Why not just film and post - shaming is better than the law? Obviously many are seeing this happen Tper
  9. Our we here for a month now GONE -- not sure why but no show for a week now
  10. Please explain trap - my shed is infested
  11. Can you explain this contraption - they are everywhere
  12. Exactly - pure crap - oh as I dished out 1300 bucks for nothing. Oh well first time buying a new house in 38 years. Lesson learned
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