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  1. This am in a 7 mile long place to fish one ran into my line - was ready to cut line as I in no way wanted to try to pull this thing in and felt real bad... The gods set it free without incident Tper
  2. Cruiser of 20 years fell off the bike rack somewhere -- got to canal ang was like who stole my bike... Buddy found it on way to CCC brought it to me - salvaged basket and put on a new bike ready to go again but I already miss that bike Tper
  3. So true how many time were blitzes left due to work - but it did not matter as it was an enjoyable morning. Now you are lucky to get a spot so I have gone full night mode but miss the morning tides for sure. Tper
  4. Argh Karl thanks for this - -picked one up from a junk dealer - ready to go Tper on the road again
  5. My bike suffered an unfortunate death this am after 15 years -- still have basket but need new bike -- anyone have one for sale? Prefer girls but will look at all -- PM me pic and price -- thanks - I live in the New Bedford area will travel a little for right deal Thanks - yes very sad day Tper
  6. Thanks for the info -- where do you get Sealmaster or truflex? Lowes or Homedepo?? Again I ask is cement first just a bad idea? Ed
  7. No thoughts on cement I am worried the foam would absorb water and expand in the winter Thanks for all FYI = I have done just sealer in the past and it did not hold up for me
  8. Look for guidance - I have a crack in my asphalt driveway. Every year I fill it with sealer and every spring it come bak What if I v'd out the crack put cement in the crack then sealed with the asphalt sealer? Thoughts Needs to be sealed before winter so was looking for suggestions Tper
  9. So there are fish in the canal -- WOOT thanks guys on my way Ed
  10. Nothing but ghost 832 for this guy Tper
  11. Just did it twice in one weekend in Maine -- both nice larrys Ed
  12. How about all the striper guys who use shorts for bait -- why are they never busted? Tper
  13. Yes - and agree the big nasty looking ones that I am used to seeing on the left coast. Mentioned this to guy next to me the other day and he indicated they are always here - to which I replied DENIED I am used to seeing harbor seals early spring and fall rarely late June Times are a changing Tper
  14. Funny - now cut off the head and toss it in a big river Tper
  15. All must try Canned Heat in Fall River -- better than TH imho Ed