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  1. Great morning no large but first blue also caught a sea robin on a swim shad -- good times No where near the big river but saw the S____ Show starting with the number of cars from Conn and NJ.. ENjoy
  2. Great pic nice to see the boss at the end -- hopefully we will get some well deserved omelets this year.... Tight lines to all and stay safe Tper
  3. Yes that is sad but totally agree -- I fished less last year at canal than ever.... I think this year will be a total show X2 Will do nights as always but really miss mornings
  4. I need to replace a person as he is retiring -- Looking for motivated individual with college degree -- recent grad would be good Manage 1k Active Directory users, Domain Controllers, Support calls ALL, PC builds and imaging -- lots more We are considered essential and are all currently working from home. PM me with resume if interested I will review and be honest very fast so we are not wasting time Hope there is someone out here that use this - would be a win win for me Tper
  5. Not sure if it is every year but yes a small fee .... But what a way to support what we love Tper
  6. I think mine is 600+ but whatever I get one
  7. Outback same oil issue and headlights suck -- pay the nice man 43 bucks to change and move on
  8. Thanks all great read and knowledge here - guess we will replace
  9. And a painter turtle this time of year -- total bonus in my mind -- Great job Tper
  10. Was told laminates have come a long way so I guess I will look around --- was really looking to cheap out as we are not sure how long we are going to stay here.. Just sprucing up
  11. Are there any companies that will over lay laminate on an existing old laminate countertop? Or does the whole countertop need replacing. If it is possible please PM me the names Thank
  12. BA is definitely on the Radar but I think better returns from PM or BP for now -- if BA sinks a bit more I will buy as it will run again just smaller dividends compared to PM/BP Tper
  13. Would love to see some pics of restored bikes -- Welcome Tper