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  1. My go time sign -- and warm weather this week to boot Have a great year all be safe Ed
  2. Yes and I was that kid for a stupid lighter -- Could not eat a table for weeks,,, Dad said crooks don't eat with the family. 45 years later I still remember
  3. that happened to me as a kid -- you know what I never stole again -- Great job -- Scared Straight
  4. Sweet thanks for sharing -- froggers right -- good times
  5. No new pics from this year?
  6. Cabby at its best 4 years ago....
  7. Where's the Beef
  8. Got mine today worth the wait Tper
  9. Put on redial today and just hung up when was not put in queue .... maybe 15 minutes Get er dun Tper
  10. mine is on the way 602 -- can not wait Tper
  11. Wise words - I tell all that Phases and remember it goes to fast
  12. Congrats so I have to call and pay a fee before they ship?
  13. CWS??? Maine?