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  1. People still have Etiquette?
  2. Don't expect much. The ASMFC is full of corruption and back door deals.
  3. 5" fin is one of my favorite plugs ever. The different loads (and unloaded) all behave quite differently. XBMX mentioned playing with the different configurations and I agree. I find BB's to be too large and prefer small bird shot. The larger size needs a larger access point that just gets to be too much. I usually bring the weight (with hooks) up to 0.60oz for general conditions. Do not go by number of BBs or shot alone and buy a cheap scale. I've had more success dead drifting this plug in moving water than actually reeling it in some nights.
  4. Lot of YouTube heroes coming out of the western sound after this last moon. People can't help themselves.
  5. Skinner put an inline hook video out last year at some point. Hooked and lost every fish in the video. I'll stick with trebles.
  6. Honey Lami and a squidder
  7. From social media. Picture shows however many filleted striped bass. The regulations set forth by the ASMFC are simply a band aid to appease those who voice their opinion on striped bass management. Regardless of what others say money matters and where that money comes from matters even more. The best interest of the ASMFC is that of allocating striped bass resources to groups until there are no bass left. Until that point ASMFC will continue to shift and shimmy regulations so that groups can take as much of the resource as is allowed. Only once there are no bass left will the ASMFC take action to recover the species. Writing letters to the organization does not matter. What matters is who these people are sitting down to eat and drink during brunch with.
  8. I realize the current situation regarding COVID-19 has hindered many businesses and the supply chains that feed major brands. I am interested as to why Van Staal has given tackle shops (who inevitably tell costumers) dates for availability of both the VR and VS series of reels that have simply come and gone. Upon calling pure fishing directly they let me know to not expect any VS stock on shelves until mid-late summer 2021. Interesting also, how the representatives of the company at the production and tackle shop level are silent regarding the issue. Also interesting to note is the recent push by Van Staal of the VR series additional models/ options. Are they looking to phase out the VS series completely in the near future? I only say this because of the VR push and the consolidation of service materials to Saltwater's tackle on Long Island. It would be nice to get some information from the company itself whether here, or via social media instead of speculation that has run rampant within the community as of late. Purchasing used reels has gone to the wayside as many of the reels sold on social media have part swaps and frankly many of the people selling these reels cannot be trusted regarding the reels they are selling and their history.
  9. I have free hand cut these on a few that I have built; none of which had the bent sides. I don't think that is a critical feature. I found that the length of the "drop" (for lack of a better term) between the lip slot and the initial bend below the face of the plug is much more important in terms of achieving desired depth/ action.
  10. Resident fish matter. All kidding aside, the health of a bay or estuary system can be measured by the number of fish that decide to stay there. Unfortunately, in the case of long island it isn't many because people are pigs and enjoy their green lawns. Sandy didn't help either.
  11. I have had some issues with the can in the original post causing cracking "crazing" to some createx colors.
  12. I'm talking VS
  13. And...The line roller doesn't groove like the $800 replacement...
  14. LB, can you post one of these handles taken apart, interested in how the knob is secured to the handle shaft