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  1. Don't fish near people
  2. Target bluefish and fish a regular hook. Circles suck. What happens if the fish doesn't move off with the chunk. If they just sit there what do you do? Scratch your balls and jump up and down?
  3. I'd agree that the darter does have less adjustability than the metal lip. However, I have seen instances where given a wider "face" in darters like LIFISHVT or Tattoo (as compared to narrow darters) moving the line angle "up" with a larger loop can increase resistance and darting. Obviously, there is a critical point of no return. This does not go as well with the narrower models. I also don't understand vertical line tie positions on needlefish. I have seen many needles adjusted similar to metal lips to change action in regard to bending the line tie up or down slightly. I have also made some darter variants with the line tie position way above where it should be traditionally that dart incredibly. Does it make some difference, sure. Do the fish care, no. After all, we are doing all of this for our own excitement, not there's. I cut my darters with a hacksaw and a file half of them have curves, some of them slope up to the right or left. What do I know.
  4. Lathe, rasp, file, sand paper and a hack saw. I do all my drilling on my lathe. Don't waste your money on tools until you know you really want to do it. You'd be surprised what you can do with hand tools and your brain.
  5. How many fish did you lose/ gut hook on circle hooks this year after their forced implementation? I saw a least a 35% (probably closer to 50% reduction in hookups) of the fish I landed on circle hooks many were badly gut hooked and I doubt they lived. Before I get flack about rigs I fished them snelled, with a normal Palomar. Upped my hook sizes and even downsized. For those of you who promote circles what do you do if the fish doesn't move once then take your bait? In order to be hooked properly the fish has to move off with your bait as you reel down to it.
  6. If the NJ representative has a track record of not being responsive to his public's comments shouldn't he be removed? Why is he still on the board. And he is one of "those" implying there is more than one? What is that about? The fact that public comments are "not always, but often enough" used that should be all the evidence we need. What a joke that statement is. That is like saying if 30 people are prescribed antibiotics and only 22 take them for the full course that's enough the other 8 will be alright with other "home grown treatments". But anti-biotic resistant microbes aren't really a big deal... The fact that the funding for ASMFC comes from federal and state sources of a democratic nation; and yet the public's comments and best interest are not always put at the forefront is the sad reality of our fisheries management situation. Its funny, big pharma abandoned development of treatments for anti-biotic resistant bacteria because of lack of potential monetary gain. (Essentially, if we take the time to develop new anti-biotics they will treat the bacteria and people will get better making us less money). Instead opting to throw money at research to prolong life of those with life long illnesses. Maybe the ASMFC is just taking one out of their playbook to prolong the inevitable because that's where the real money is... I am encouraging people to do something. Kill their limit. The faster we get to 0 the faster the ASFMC has to actually do something legitimate.
  7. All the idiots pushing for public comments are just pawns that are part of the bigger game. The public comments and meetings mean nothing. The ASMFC and all of their associated cronies are malicious dogs. I've attended the meetings and see the reactions. When presented with facts they look down at their shoes. Little rats.
  8. If you are a real man buy a newell 344
  9. You know when someone references fish in the low 20's and you have to read into the statement that he/she means inches not pounds the fishery is eff'd
  10. Buy a penn 706z you can actually take it apart without the FBI coming after you about your quad seal.
  11. Free handed every plug I've made. Its all feel baby.
  12. No matter how much we discuss and go back and forth about this nothing will change from the management agencies (ASMFC) until the numbers read zero. The moratorium was not a result of low numbers. It was the result of PCBs and other chemicals in striped bass in that time period. The "slot limit" which is a total joke is considered a great success by some but is nothing compared to what could have been done. Until money isn't a driving force behind regulation (as it is for a lot more than just striped bass) nothing will change. I've been to all the meetings and watched the big wigs "listen" to whining surfcasters and rec. anglers but when they walk out of that room the men who are putting money into their pockets to pay for lunch are the ones who get their way. This goes on all throughout society why should fisheries management be any different? The environmental aspects are a much larger problem than anyone wants to admit and these aren't going to change. They are too widespread and long gone. Release of sewage, repair of pipeline etc. are all occurring under our noses and being scoffed at as "normal" by people who can actually make changes. Striped bass are an economic asset that will be managed until the last fish is pulled and sold. None of these people give a S*it about your Instagram glamour shots, surfcasting t shirts or your catch photo release bullsh*t. Start killing bass that you legally can and we will get to the magic zero faster so that the money pigs realize they need to rebuild rather than reallocate and change regulations. As far as legal fish go, the poachers will do the rest of the work, and they are certainly not the problem.
  13. Circles hooks are S**T
  14. Circle hooks are S**T
  15. Lamiglas GSB1321m or GSB1321MH.