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  1. Recently I've been starting to see a few tackle shops posting up photos on social media sites of guys with big fish on the water. Caption always includes "released safely". However, the fish look like they've been posed with for 10 minutes half dead. Others with the caster's hands up in its gills and down its throat struggling to hold it up for a picture. I understand that a lot of the posts are to stir up business for the shops which I get, especially given the circumstances but in same breath these posts are a big slap in the face to the new regulations. During a recent Montauk trip a friend sent me photos of bass racks on both the north and south side of fish pushing 40-45". I guess the for hires are doing their part as well.
  2. I've fished chunks weightless in rocky areas around slack tide with good results. Not sure how it would work out with current and lead in the same locations.
  3. Bunch of scumbags this morning kicking fish back into the water and leaving their garbage everywhere.
  4. Spanish and Bonito around.
  5. Was walking down a south shore beach early evening one night recently. Saw several groups of young people fishing bait. Each group had 4-6 rods spiked. Two of the groups actually dragged small kayaks down to the beach and one even had a drone set up to fly out baits. One group caught a small stingray and had the animal up on the sand for at least 20 minutes taking a photo shoot. Since when is Long Island south Florida, and what happened to casting?
  6. Interesting to see what will happen to water temp / quality after this weather.
  7. I've done it before without an issue.
  8. I agree, the st croixs in some of the model lines are a bit stiff related to how they are rated.
  9. Most fisherman on the North Shore throw a 9ft for general purpose fishing. Can get away with 8ft in calm conditions. 4000-5000 size reel usually.
  10. Honestly depends on the time of year. I wouldn't touch anything from the back harbors in the summer.
  11. Treble front, siwash back barbs crushed.
  12. Saw a group of state parks police hassling a group on the jetty a few days ago. Not sure if tickets were given out.