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  1. Northern OC, on the surf around 7 AM. Low tide. clean, calm and clear water. Rays or skates put on a show chasing bait just on the edge of the sandbar. Lots of bugs in the wash but forgot my bait rigs. Lost a gulp tail to something with sharp teeth. Switched to a point jude tin and landed a 18 inch blue.
  2. I could not agree more. Northern OC in the surf post the rain storm is stained water, with weeds, and the sweep is strong. Tried to throw bugs with 2 and 3 oz but could not hold bottom. Too much drag on the line from the weeds. Such a different beach than last year when we had blues and fluke stacked up.
  3. out in northern OC this morning, 6:30 to 8:30. No other fisherman out. Water cold, waves up, grey skies and fog. Looked like the start of the Fall but not a tap on bucktails, tins or soft plastics. Been a less than productive Spring and early Summer for me. Think I need to change tactics and locations, with more focus on bay and inlet. Or get lead out and start baiting up with bugs would be nice to know if others are seeing a change in northern OC sand fishing this season.
  4. Thanks to this post, I did some searching and found a thread from 2020 that talked about this. some excellent comments and recommendations!
  5. Thank you for this idea! I did a quick search and a single order of the Catch-All clips from the manufacture are a bit pricey for just my needs. Any more commonly available brands you recommend for the same purpose that will not impede the tin's action?
  6. Northern OC in the surf 9:30 pm for two hours. Nothing for me. High tide working the troughs between the bar. Metal lips, swimmers, needles, bucktails and bottle plugs. Not a tap.
  7. Northern OC this morning after the lighting storm but still in the rain. Osprey pulling prey from far out. Landed large Dog Fish on bucktail with red/white twisty trailer. Before the tail broke the surface I thought I had a solid bass. Oh well. Water was nice steel, green. I didn't see any sign of bait. First brown pelican passed by.
  8. I agree with Captain Planet. The 3m Vetrap (and its variations) is excellent. It is inexpensive, tough and stays on. Plus you can take the wider rolls and cut into smaller rolls. Then tuck those rolls into surf bag, waders, surf jacket, etc. Then it is easy to replace or help a fellow surfcaster
  9. thank you for advice! I will look for the eddies too.
  10. It does help, thank you! I will throw plugs and bucktails. My arsenal of bucktails top out at 3 oz. so will I need heavier gear for the currents in the Hudson?
  11. thank you for your response. I look forward to the Fall run!
  12. Might have the chance to fish the Hudson from the NYC side via Riverside Park. Wanted to see if those in this thread are still seeing action, and if the Hudson from shore can be an artificial fishery or do we need to throw bait?
  13. Regarding single front trebles as the only hook on a plug, I found these approaches to be effective:
  14. A fishing goal of mine this year is to add a Pikie or two to my plug arsenal and learn how to fish them I enjoy fishing metal lips like Dannys, and have a few but no Pikie plugs so my question: Pikie makers, styles and or sizes for someone starting out with this new style of plug? For context I’m fishing mostly NJ sand beaches, with the occasional jetty trips. thanks for the advice!
  15. thank you all for the recommendations. Re: Salty Veins - yes, to try one and maybe learn something new. Also good to support plug builders. Plus a ********** podcast inspired me to give them a try.
  16. I recently started to reduce the number of hooks on my plugs to help with both fish mortality / injury and ease of release on those dark nights and or stormy conditions. I followed the cut hook steps from this video ( https://youtu.be/N0htBEfyQmU ) and so far it works and catches fish. I figure replacing the cut hook after a few weeks/months of fishing when it starts to show some corrosion is not a big deal. The next modification I want to try I saw in the following video from Outflow Fishing. A well thought out approach to modify hooks and still preserve a plug's action in the water. My question: has anyone tried this on their plugs?
  17. Northern OC. NW wind did flatten the water, but very stained. Only a few other guys out. Tried the plastic sand eels. No action. Saw dead bunker so tried a larger metal lip and then a pencil. No touches. Maybe another day or two before the water clears up again
  18. Northern OC at dawn water very stained with strong S to N sweep a few dead bunker on the sand no taps on the sand eel plastics / teasers / tins might need to add some more bunker profile plugs and bucktails to the bag
  19. Thank you all for your thoughts and replies. Here is the follow-up video from Outflow further explaining the benefits of single belly treble, with a nice explanation of how a multiple hooks could lead to an unexpected fulcrum:
  20. I purchased the following off of ebay: https://ebay.us/IREzsh Picture attached too. Size is good, but the Velcro is not the strongest, so recommend upgrading.
  21. Thank you all for sharing your experience. Part of this winter's gear prep and repair will include trying the Outflow method of adding smaller weights to rebalance a single hook plug. I think a trailer weight with enough extra wire could still be dressed with bucktail and feathers for more movement in the water. For those who tried the canal style single belly hook rig, are the shorter shank trebles you prefer to reduce the overall length to prevent the hook from swinging over the body of the plug and getting stuck?
  22. apologies, my post was related to modifying hooks for saltwater
  23. OC surf in the water before first light till about 8 water very stained and stirred up with strong sweep gulls and sea birds not around Threw heavy bucktails, SS needle and AVA jigs (with soft plastics teasers) to maintain depth but only one hit out far at the end of the cast lots of guys and trucks, and didn’t see a fish on the sand the steady S/SW winds shutting things down
  24. Northern OC surf both morning and evening session. Lots of anglers out, trucks too. Think I saw one guy land a small fish. Sure wasn’t me.
  25. Edit - Ocean County is enough ~ Sudsy - 26th: two shorts took the bucktail flat wing teaser above diamond jig fished / drifted through the wash; both fish had sand eels coming out their mouths - 27th: nothing but a flopping bunker washed on the sand. No fish or bird sign apart from nervous water out of casting range water very stained both days