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  1. Sounds good, I will take it. Please pm me an address and we can meet tonight 7-8pm or during the weekend. With cash or Venmo/Zelle, if you prefer.
  2. What did you do to make the custom grip? Did you replace the whole butt area? Also, are there scratches on the guides or major scratches on the rod? Thanks!
  3. Sorry, just realized that this is a one piece rod. Need to rethink as my sedan is not large. Thanks for your replies, it's a nice rod.
  4. Do you have pics of your rod? Are there any scratches on your guide, particularly the top one?
  5. Tried dyer point today. There is another line of rocks ~10 feet off the shoreline, not easy to cast without losing tackle. There was no action either, not even a single bite.
  6. Your location? Care for cash pick up? If within 30min drive of 02474, I would be happy to pick it up with $160 cash.
  7. Thanks for pointing this out, that's also my impression by reading many reviews so far. I think I will get a BG 4000, not very heavy but has decent drag and spool capacity.
  8. Wow, that's impressively short. I always use 20 or longer, will try shorter leaders for long casting.
  9. Went fishing last night at the state fishing pier. No action for me, saw some people there catching squids though.
  10. That looks horrible, I was thinking of buying a battle or BG, rumor says they are durable. Probably I won't then.
  11. I am also thinking about getting a BG or battle, good to read all these comments.
  12. Maybe I was just too bad at fishing. These are impressive fish to me even considering they were caught on a boat.
  13. ONLY 25%? I would be thrilled at 25% rate for a trip and 0.1% for a cast.
  14. Similar things happen to me all the time since I started using lures a few weeks ago