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  1. Skunked last night out east. Fella I was with caught one diaper striper and a cocktail blue over the course of two hours. Switching over to fluke till September
  2. My cousin in Ireland targets them, big rec fishery over there
  3. Smoothie
  4. I’m in
  5. Out front was all weeds last night, changed spots and had it all to myself in the rain, nice school of blues breaking on top when the tide changed.
  6. Miserable out front last night, pulling in a clothesline of weed every cast. Bait guys nearby picking up 10-12” dogfish and that was about it. Hit it again Monday.
  7. Shore would definitely be more enjoyable for me, I can’t stand being around 100 people fishing with dogs and kids and headlamps on the entire time
  8. I have the 11ft Battalion II 2-6oz, which I was throwing 1.25oz for blues with no problem this morning. Really like that rod for the money
  9. Couple of big blues and a couple small ones to this morning out front. Sacrificed another lure to the deep for a beautiful morning on the water
  10. Quick trip last night, should’ve went to deeper waters but I’m shot. Bunker bunker bunker everywhere. Nothing harassing them. Maybe a few more trips out front this season then I’m switching over to fluke
  11. Got Lyme’s and haven’t had the energy to stay out for fishing. Been sticking around locally and picking up bluegills with the kids. Hoping to get out there tonight
  12. Size L or XL, rocktrax or casttrax. Located in Suffolk NY
  13. First hat still available?
  14. First cast curse Friday night, landed a schoolie then dropped 5 fish in a row after that. last night was completely dead for me out front, got one bump fishing the backside and nothing after. Spent an hour fending off horseshoe crabs from my boots
  15. Reel Fortress has worked well for me the past year but getting leery of traveling more than a few miles with the rods out