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  1. I hear ya dude, it’s 1lb 13oz without any line on right now, any reduction will help lol
  2. I have an old Crack/Luxor 300 I was interested in slotting / drilling out for a little weight reduction, anyone here have experience doing this?
  3. Lake Panamoka
  4. Happy to finally not get skunked. Quick pic and the angry bastard swam away strong.
  5. Looking for opinions on a nice surface swimmer in the 1oz range? Metal lip, lipless, open to discussion. Thanks !
  6. Second time out this season last night, definitely should have downsized my presentation, only two hookups before slack tide by me, both dropped. Seemed like they were small fish probably foul hooked, assuming they’re probably holdovers. Migratory fish should be my way already just don’t think they care for the spot I go to
  7. It’s a 704 I just picked up from a member recently, right now I just have it on an Ugly Stik Bigwater 10’ as a backup. Not a great rod but somethings better than nothing Also I am very cheap haha I would much rather have it on a GSB
  8. It is definitely closer to fast. I’ve thrown 3 oz bucktails with it but if I’m throwing diamond jigs I don’t go above an a17. Most of the fishing I do is open beach where minnows and 1-1 1/2oz bucktails are typically what I’m using. I have a talkin popper xd on my wall but I can’t recall if I’ve actually used it so I’m not sure how the rod would handle it.
  9. I have the Salt X 10’, indeed it throws SP minnows very well. Really feels good with lures 1 - 1 3/4, decent with 3/4oz, over 2 and it starts to feel like you’re lobbing it out there.
  10. The T track bolts was the biggest pain in the ass of everything, haha. It would’ve been easier to drill the cross bars and use regular hardware but I’m a little particular. There is an adhesive foam/ soft plastic lining the box and bar around the reel stem. The actual rod handle holder is cut pvc pipe, pretty thick so not direct contact with metal.
  11. No complaints, finally put it on today. We will see how it holds up. Reel slides into the box and there’s a flat steel bar that slides over securing the reel in place. That flat steel is then padlocked to the box. Everything was well put together.
  12. Saw these on the table at J&H last time I went, they feel pretty cheesy, but for $40 I wouldn’t expect anything else. Was going to bring it home but couldn’t think of a good way to explain to my wife why I needed another spinning reel
  13. Will do
  14. Just purchased the 2 rod Reel Fortress. I’ll let you guys know how it is.
  15. Guy who makes the roof rack I just got also sells 704 knobs on eBay, Reel Fortress