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  1. Yea I just wasn’t sure with the pandemic what the hell is going on, as Smith Point is my usual place to hit the beach by car, they won’t open the lot till 7am... just wasn’t sure if every other ocean beach was the same. Glad I got it cleared up, hit RM for a couple hours on the way home from work. Couple of nibble but couldn’t get anything to stick... but it beats the hell out of the 16 hour overnights I’ve been doing.
  2. I will double check in the morning
  3. I will check for the screws, yes they do strip easy lol very soft brass on these. I’m at work now till 7am so I’ll have to see when I get home tomorrow morning , work has me doing 16 hour overnights so I’m a little out of sorts sorry!
  4. I don’t get to fish the ocean side of things very often and I do not have 4x4 access, what beaches can I go to early in the morning? I know Smith Point doesn’t open till 7am and the Night Fishing parking is only good till 6am. I am totally unfamiliar with other beaches. Where the hell do I go if I want to fish early mornings?
  5. I will check in the morning when I am out of work, if that’s alright, I probably have the knob also. I actually have a ton of spare Crack/Luxor parts, anything else you need?
  6. You need the full handle assembly? I have the handle minus knob and screw.
  7. An hour on my bay spot, no wind, calm water, bait all over, not one hit. Tons of mosquitoes though... starting to wonder if I’m just bad luck
  8. I forgot to mention barrel swivel (100lb test? One of those small tsunami ones) attaching braid to flouro. It’s happened three times over three months where I was really heaving it, +/- 4 inches from either end. So it doesn’t look like the knot breaks. Leader never touches the guides. So I try to be a bit more relaxed on the load up know and I mean my depth perception isn’t great but realistically I’m getting the same distance with the 10’ as I am with my 7’
  9. I’ll take it
  10. Well damn that’s a beast. Leg strength is about the only thing I got going for me at this point
  11. Thinking this may be the way to go for me since without a 4x4 on LI I’m trying to balance how much walking vs how much fishing I can get in on a trip.
  12. Rod is rated 2-6oz, I’m throwing plugs usually between 2-3oz, 75lb TA clip on about 30inches of 40lb flouro leader.
  13. I don’t intend to hijack this thread but it’s recent enough and relevant enough I thought I’d ask; I own the 10’ Ugly Stik big water and I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I’m not getting much distance on the casts, and when I REALLY try loading up and sending it I’m snapping leaders?
  14. My buddy just picked up this exact combo last week and let me cast it for a bit. No fish but very comfortable and casts well, a nice setup.