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  1. Skunked again but brought my buddy out and he caught a nice slot so I’m taking credit for that
  2. Finally broke my skunk last night when some idiot walked three feet behind me on an open beach and took my bucktail to his waders while I was starting my cast… then caught a slot bass a few minutes later
  3. Currently at work way out east and have seen a school of bass blowing up, and two or three albies within 5 feet of shore. I don’t usually get lunch breaks on the water so of course I don’t have a rod
  4. Any of you members of a local club? Is it worth it/ do you feel like you get anything out of it?
  5. Was on some last week before the weather, went out once this week and was surrounded by absolute morons and got skunked. Looks like the search continues
  6. You have to cut onto the beach and drive down. Roads been closed for like two years
  7. Enjoy the traffic and prepare to be disappointed and broke
  8. My not so little guy has expressed interest (finally) in surfcasting with me this fall season, and up till this point he’s only used boat gear and his freshwater bass rod. Does an 8ft setup sound reasonable? 3000 or 4000 size spinner? A steelhead rod perhaps? Any of you dads that have been through this let me know your tips!
  9. Finally landed something… a cocktail blue… hopefully the curse is over
  10. Bump. Reels are still available. 8 foot rod is still available, ID’d as an older Ugly Stik blank over in the Tackle Collectors forum. Make an offer!
  11. Guy I bought it from didn’t have a definitive answer to what it was (reseller). 7ft 11 1/2 inches Very moderate action
  12. Skunked this morning. Found a hat in the rocks while fishing. Thought maybe this was a sign… made one more cast and immediately snagged my bucktail… I’ll keep trying
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